Saturday, 08 May 2021

Gym focused on future with installation of exercise rig

Gym focused on future with installation of exercise rig

THE gym at Badgemore Park has expanded following the installation of a new rig.

Members of Focus have been able to continue exercising during the coronavirus pandemic with a combination of virtual sessions and outdoor classes.

Gym manager Jules Greenaway says this formula will continue for the forseeable future.

A marquee was erected in the walled garden at Badgemore Park last summer and now there is also the new rig, which has a range of stations for up to 12 people.

Mr Greenaway said: “The variety of this piece of equipment is fantastic. There are lots of different training systems we can use.

“Although we are restricted to 12 people, we can get about 16 stations on here and add more for core exercises.

“In future, when we don’t have to cap numbers, we could have 20 people in classes.” The custom-built rig offers a prowler sled, hanging punch bag, slam ball, battle ropes, squat racks and monkey bars.

The equipment is sterilised before people swap stations and the boxing bag can only be used if people bring their own gloves.

Mr Greenaway hopes membership will increase as the covid restrictions continue to ease.

He said: “There is no doubt that the fitness industry has changed dramatically over the last year and people have had to adapt. Health and fitness is so important.

“We did a full schedule through Zoom in the early days. We will keep some sessions for the people who enjoy staying at home but the indoor sessions are important for those who want to get back to normal.”

Up to six people are allowed in the gym at once for an hour, with another 15 minutes allocated for cleaning, and advance booking is required.

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