Tuesday, 28 September 2021

MP backs new tax to help fund social care

MP backs new tax to help fund social care

JOHN HOWELL has backed the proposed health and social care levy.

The Henley MP said he would be voting in favour of the proposal in the Commons on Wednesday.

The tax, which is designed to reform the care sector, will be a 1.25 per cent rise in National Insurance from April next year. This will be paid by all working adults and the money can only be put towards health and social care costs

It is expected to raise £36billion for the NHS and social care in three years.

Mr Howell said: “Let me make no bones about it, I shall be voting for it.

“It is a relatively small increase per person but it will have a big effect. It will once and for all put an end to the difficulties with funding social care. The opposite side have decided to vote against an increase in funds to the NHS, which is bizarre.

“The Prime Minister has set out a new sustainable plan for the NHS and social care, ensuring our health service has the long term resources that it needs and fixing the broken social care system.”

Mr Howell said there would be a lifetime cap for certain individuals and that people would pay based on their means.

A cap on care costs of £86,000 over a person’s lifetime will be introduced from October 2023

Boris Johnson said the majority of the money raised would initially be put towards the NHS backlog created by coronavirus by increasing hospital capacity and creating more appointments, scans and operations.

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