Thursday, 07 July 2022

The Arts Society Henley

ON Thursday (May 19), the Arts Society Henley will hear a talk by Jacky Klein on “The era of anything: decoding contemporary art”.

Many of us find contemporary art challenging, strange, provocative or downright silly. How are we meant to respond and appreciate art that so often seems to provoke, to reference its own (sometimes arcane) histories, to shock or confound?

This talk helps to unravel the step changes in art that have taken place since the 1870s, exploring how we got from Impressionist paintings of light-dappled rivers that sought to reflect the realities of modern life in all its fleeting beauty to the interactive, immersive, ephemeral and “post-medium” art of today.

This approachable guide to the best in contemporary art will provide the tools to appreciate, critique and judge today’s art.

Jacky Klein is an art historian, publisher, writer and broadcaster, specialising in modern contemporary art.

The hour-long talk will be in the ballroom at Phyllis Court Club, Henley (no need to be a member), once at 10.45am and again at 2.15pm.

Visitors are welcome. We ask for a £10 donation for the lecture. For more information or to reserve a place, please email monnik.

Monnik Vleugels

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