Sunday, 07 August 2022

Injuries unit closed

Injuries unit closed

A HOSPITAL department in Henley was closed on Saturday due to sickness.

The minor injuries unit at Townlands Memorial Hospital was shut from 3.30pm to 8pm to enable more staff to attend to patients in nearby facilities.

Due to staff shortages across different Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust hospitals because of illness, workers from the Henley unit were sent elsewhere to fill up medical rooms and “boost capacity”.

A spokesman for the trust said: “This ensures that patients are managed safely and effectively and, as a whole system, we can manage as many patients as possible in the community at the right time, alleviating pressure on hospital emergency departments.

“We appreciate the inconvenience an unplanned closure can cause to local people. Our advice to anyone who thinks that they may need medical help is first to contact NHS 111.

“They are able to give immediate advice and are kept aware of which local units are open or closed so, if necessary, they can direct you to the nearest and most appropriate facility for your needs.”

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