Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Henley Probus Club

AT the February meeting members were treated to a very knowledgeable discourse on the history of the Henley Management College by Dick Remenyi, who had worked there and recently wrote a book on the subject.

The college has just celebrated its 70th anniversary, having been established in 1946 when it was the largest postgraduate business school in the world.

It has passed through three major incarnations, firstly the Administrative Staff College, then the Henley Management College and now the Henley Business School run by Reading University.

Funding for the Administrative Staff College was by covenant and donations included the generous offer by Viscount Hambleden of the use of Greenlands for the peppercorn rent of £5,000.

The first course started on March 31, 1946 and there was soon a two-year waiting list for the 12-week full-time course, which was based on the army staff college.

The Nineties were the golden years when the college was awarded its royal charter and the ability to award degrees.

This was altogether a very enjoyable talk.

Members await with interest the next talk on March 14 on “Life overseas working for the Colonial Office”.

New members are always welcome.

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