Saturday, 27 February 2021

Henley Probus Club

THE club held its 451st meeting at Badgemore Park Golf Club on February 12.

Two new members were welcomed.

The club is looking to appoint a new secretary, treasurer and vice chair at its next annual meeting.

The forthcoming visits are to SS Great Britain in Bristol in March and to Ireland in May.

After the normal business, Stephen Quant, who has spoken previously to the club, gave a talk on the Roman infantry in 125 AD.

At that time there were 49,000 Roman troops in Britain and a population of about 2.5 million.

The purpose of the troops was to help defend the country rather than, as is generally thought, invade it.

The Roman army as a whole was well-structured and consisted of almost one million soldiers in 30 legions and 380 auxiliary units.

The army was largely funded through taxation with the entire tax revenues being spent on defence.

Nearly all members of the army were foot soldiers with very little horsemanship.

The terms of reference and values to become a soldier were to a very high and exacting standard.

The salary structure provided for a very good quality of life for a soldier.

Stephen used photographs to show the range of body armour and weaponry that was available at the time.

After responding to many questions, he was thanked by the members.

Henley Probus Club meets at Badgemore Park Golf Club on the second Tuesday (morning) of each month. If you are interested in coming along, please call Roger Griffiths on (01491) 575137.

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