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Henley Royal Regatta 2018: Day 3 as it happened

LIVE: Henley Royal Regatta 2018: Day 3

8pm: Close of rowing

Well it's been another sunny and busy day of racing at Henley, with mixed fortunes for our local rowers, but win or lose every crew has shown great character and made for an exciting day.

Join us tomorrow for semi-finals day, when our team will be bringing all the results, reaction, photos and excitement direct from the water. 

6.50pm: Sholto marches on 

Team GB rower Sholto Carnegie has recorded another solid win in the quarter-final of the Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge Cup.

He and partner Rob Hurn beat a selected crew from Hungary and the Yale graduate, racing for Leander, won by two and a quarter lengths in seven minutes and 15  seconds.

6.20pm: Leander Club back on track in Town Challenge Cup

A Leander and University of London composite crew beat a Lyon, France and Melbourne University composite by two and a quarter lengths.

They won in a time of seven minutes and 24 seconds on their way to victory in another quarter-final of the Town Challenge Cup

6pm: Narrow loss for Leander Club

Molesey Boat Club beat Leander in the Town Challenge Cup by two thirds of a length recording a time of seven minutes and 19 seconds.

6pm: Great result for Glenister and Rossiter

Fantastic row by Leander Club duo Harry Glenister and George Rossiter earlier today to beat James Rudkin and Joshua Bugajski by a canvas in the Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge Cup.

4pm: Gutsy performance from Shiplake College during Radley defeat

Shiplake College lost by three quarters of a length to Radley College in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

Radley, who beat Shiplake in last year's semi-final, are, on average, two stone heavier than Shiplake.

Headmaster Gregg Davies said he was delighted with the boys' performance.

He told the Henley Standard: "I don't think they could have done anymore. We rowed really well and we pushed at the right time. We were half a length behind, three quarters of length behind and we pulled it back to a quarter of a length.

"We then had a bit of choppy water and we couldn't get the run on the boat that we wanted."

Mr Davies paid tribute to first eight coach Hugh Mackworth-Praed and director of rowing Dave Currie and said the crew had worked incredibly hard.

He added: "We came second at the Schools' Head, third at National Schools' Regatta and we have given Radley a run for their money.

"I've never heard support like it, it was just huge and I'd like to thank them because it makes such a big difference to the boys.

"I was crying out there - that's how proud I am. They couldn't have done me, themselves and their families any prouder."

Oli Newton, 18, who was in the four seat, said: "We gave it everything off the start. They jumped us a bit off the start and we tried to keep with them.

"They just had a bit more at the end.

"We took a bit of belief from yesterday's win over Brunswick and there's a strong bond in the crew.

"It's such a special regatta and this is my last year at Shiplake so I couldn't have asked for a better group to do it with."

Cox Jacob Kirby, 16, added: "We stayed with Radley through the middle which was quite a big thing for us considering they are so much heavier. We started to come back towards the end but it wasn't quite enough."

Mr Mackworth-Praed called it a "mature" and "controlled" performance from his crew.

He added: "The fact that we have got five of the eight returning there's massive potential for next year. 

"Every year we get better and better and I'm sure that eventually we will finally end up at the top."


3.45pm: Late night for Leander fans

The Town Challenge Cup clash between a composite crew of Leander Club and Bath University and Yale University has been postponed.

It will now take place at 7.40pm.


3.35pm: Leander proud despite Princess Grace defeat

A Leander Club crew were beaten by Team GB athletes from Cambridge University Women's Boat Club and Imperial College London in the Princess Grace Challenge Cup.

The crew, which was only formed two weeks ago, kept pace with their rivals in the early stages but were eventually outpowered as they lost by four and a quarter lengths in seven minutes and 15 seconds.

Katherine Maitland, 22, who was in the bow seat for Leander, said: "We went out there knowing they are a very good crew who have been doing very well on the world stage.

"Knowing that calibre, it's an honour to be lining up against crews like that.

"We wanted to go out there and have the best race we've had so far. We got a good clean start and kept up with them for a while.

"Because we are such a new crew it's hard to chase them with strike rate. We finished the race knowing we'd given it everything."

Maitland previously raced at the regatta as a junior for Eton Excelsior when she was 18.

She said: "The last time was 9am on a Friday morning and there weren't many people around.

"To come out today with the bank full of people, you don't get anything like that anywhere else."


3.15pm: Visitors' Challenge Cup set for all-Leander clash

A composite crew of Leander and Cambridge University eased past French rivals Cercle de L’Aviron de Nantes and L’Athlétic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt in the Visitors' Challenge Cup to set up a clash with their clubmates.

The crew won by one and a half lengths in six minutes and 46 seconds and will tomorrow face the Leander crew which won the earlier 2.40pm race.

David Bewicke-Copley, 20, who was in the bow seat, said: "We were really respectful to them because we knew they had some talented guys.

"We stuck to our plan of rowing strong and staying ahead.

"We know the crew we are against tomorrow so it will be good to get a bit of a local rivalry going."


2.40pm: Leander crew not content despite record-equalling row

Leander Club beat U T S Haberfield Rowing Club and Sydney Rowing Club, Australia, by one length in the Visitors' Challenge Cup, equalling a number of records in the process.

The crew reached the barrier in one minute and 53 seconds, equalling the record from 1998, 2011, 2015 and last year, before posting three minutes and 11 seconds at Fawley, the same as Cambridge University's record from 2012.

They eventually finished in six minutes and 34 seconds but say they can do even better.

James Stanhope, 23, who was in the stroke seat for Leander, said: "We didn't row very well, it was really washy out there and we didn't deal with it.

"But we had a good start and we controlled the race, keeping up a consistent pace.

"We are very pleased with the result as they are a very good crew."



Racing has now restarted after the lunchbreak. Thousands of people have made their way to the regatta site to enjoy the sunshine as temperatures reach 29 degrees celsius.

Among them is World Cup-wining England rugby coach Sir Clive Woodward, who was seen taking in the atmosphere at Leander Club.


1pm: Beaumont and Groom go through

Jack Beaumont and Angus Groom are through to Saturday after a beating Pradera Anllo and Morgan by two-and-a-half lengths in a time of seven minutes and 22 seconds. Their time to the Barrier was one minute 55 seconds which equals the record established last year.

Beaumont, 24, of Hart Street, said: "We wanted to put down a good starter. "The result shows we are going very quickly and are looking forward to tomorrow.

"We made a strong start and once we had done enough to win the race we started to ease off. But credit to them as they really pushed is in the first quarter mile but once we realised we had a clear lead we thought we'd save some energy."



Henley Rowing Club "A" lost to Maidenhead Rowing Club in the Fawley Challenge Cup by two and a quarter lengths in six minutes and 25 seconds.

Crew member Bruce Turnell, 17, of Greys Road, said: "I'm feeling quite tired now, we had a really good race and an excellent start but we got a bit outpowered.

"They were about a stone heavier than us so there was nothing more that we could have done but we kept on fighting and didn’t make it easy for them.

"It was my first time at regatta and really enjoyed it. There was great atmosphere and it was really cool being in and around the boat tents. We were the fastest non-qualifier last year and all the hard work we have put in this year has paid off."


12.05pm: Leander get through in the Remenham

A Leander Club and University of London composite crew featuring Leander's Lady Catherine Douglas and Fiona Gammond has won its race in the Remenham Challenge Cup against Roeivereniging Silvia Netherlands by one-and-three-quarter lengths in a time of six minutes and 52 seconds.

Fiona said: "We got off to a good start. The Silvia crew were quite good at the start as well and kept up with us but we got into a good rhythm and starting edging out. It was good fun - we've got Washington University tomorrow and I'm an old Washington girl so I'm feeling quite excited to be racing against them.

"It's been a few years since I was there so I don't have any insider knowledge but it should be a good race."

Lady Catherine, who lives in Henley town centre with her crewmate, said: "The atmosphere was great with all the crowd on the side of the bank. I couldn't hear the cox barking out her orders because people were shouting out our names, which really perks you up."


11.20am: Leander Club back on track

Leander Club dispatched Lea Rowing Club by two and three-quarter lengths in the Thames Challenge Cup in a time of six minutes and 34 seconds.

Crew member Sam Royston, 25, of Elizabeth Road, said: "The race was pretty good, it was not the cleanest start but we got moving. In the second half we were in control but we have got to get our start better.

"The plan was to open the lungs a little bit and get going but for the first couple of races we were not really tested so we wanted to get moving ahead of the weekend."

He added: "Personally for me it is the forst time getting to the weekend and we are excited. Now it is about resting and getting ready."


11.10am: Kirkwood and Henley Rowing Club lose out

Jamie Kirkwood, of Leander Club, lost out to former Great Britain teammate Charles Cousins, who also previously sculled at Leander, in the Diamond Challenge Sculls by two-and-a-half lengths.

Kirkwood had the better start and took an early lead but Cousins stepped up a gear to emerge victorious.

Henley Rowing Club's "B" crew lost out to Headington School by one-and-a-quarter lengths in the Jubilee Challenge Cup.


10.20am: Two wins for Leander Club

Leander Club's Charles Waite-Robert, who was in three seat, said the crew implemented its plan to win the race in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup.

They beat an Oxford Brookes and University of Edinburgh composite by one length in a time of six minutes and 21 seconds.

Charles, 26, said: "We had a very strong first half, which was something we wanted to implement after yesterday's race.

"We wanted to make sure we had a really good first 500m and create a good rhythm for the rest of the race.

"For some reason the water seems more bouncy through the middle. It's unusual for it to be so bouncy early in the day when you expect the water to be a bit quieter but I felt we dealt with the conditions well."

Joe Willis, from Leander Club, was part of the crew which beat Warringon Rowing club in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

The crew won by a length and a half and finished in six minutes and 48 seconds.

Joe, brother of British tennis player Marcus Willis, said: "We knew it was going to be a tough race but we liked how it went.

"We planned to get in front and stay in control for the whole race. Warrington finished sixth at the National Schools Regatta so we knew they were going to be good so we're glad we were able to control it."


8am update: All set for Henley Royal Regatta Day 3

TODAY (Friday) will see a busy day’s racing at Henley Royal Regatta. After the excitement of yesterday's racing, today the heavyweight crews will be taking to the water and two of the three newly-named women’s events begin.

At 9.05am Leander Club compete against a composite crew comprising Edinburgh University and Oxford Brookes in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup.

Then, at 9.45am, Leander take on Warrington Rowing Club in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

Jamie Kirkwood is back in action for Leander in the Diamond Challenge Sculls at 10.50am against former Great Britain teammate Charles Cousins, who also previously sculled at Leander.

Henley Rowing Club’s “B” crew face Headington School in the Jubilee Challenge Cup at 11am and this is followed at 11.05 by Leander Club versus Lea Rowing Club in the Thames Challenge Cup.

Jack Beaumont and Angus Groom are in action for Leander Club in the Doubles at 11.20am.

Henley Rowing Club’s “A” face Maidenhead Rowing Club at 11.40am in the Fawley Challenge Cup before Leander Club captain Vicky Thornley has her first race in the Princess Royal Challenge Cup at 11.45am.

A Leander Club and University of London composite crew are in action against Roeivereniging SilVia, Netherlands, at 12.05pm in the Remenham Challenge Cup.

Then, in the final race before the luncheon interval, Henley Rowing Club’s “A” crew face Y Quad Cities RA, USA in the Jubilee Challenge Cup.

After the restart, Leander Club are up against UTS Haberfield & Sydney, Australia, in the Visitors’ Challenge Cup at 2.40pm.

Leander Club then face CUWBC & Imperial College in the Princess Grace Challenge Cup at 3.35pm before a Leander and Bath University composite meet Yale University, USA in the Town Challenge Cup at 3.45pm.

Shiplake College are then in action against Radley College in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at 4pm. [Read our feature on the Shiplake crew's much-loved coach Hugh Mackworth-Praed online here.]

Harry Glenister and George Rossiter, of Leander Club, return to the water in the Goblets at 4.15pm. [Read our feature on Harry Glenister's previous regatta achievements here.]

Following the final race of the afternoon session at 4.20pm there will be the tea interval.

After the restart, Leander Club face Molesey Boat Club in the Town Challenge Cup.

Elsewhere, Olympic champion and five-time World champion Mahe Drysdale will be competing in the Diamonds at 3.50pm, Swiss Olympian Jeannine Gmelin is in action in the Princess Royal Challenge Cup at 4.20pm.

Keep following the Henley Standard live blog for results and reaction throughout the day. 

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