Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Morris dancers step up

HURST Morris People, affectionately known as HuMP, will be appearing at the show.

They are a friendly group of dancers and musicians based in the village of Hurst.

HuMP say: “We’re men and women who perform Cotswold Morris — that’s the one with sticks and hankies. We practise hard to put on great performances and make sure we have lots of fun doing both.”

The group was formed in 1989 by Hurst residents Tim and Chris Taylor and the latter is still one of the dancers. The pair wanted to dance the Cotswold style of Morris dancing together but couldn’t find a mixed local side, so they decided to set up a group for men and women.

“With few mixed teams at the time, we had opposition and criticism,” says Tim. “We aimed for something new and open. All this was considered quite outrageous.”

HuMP have since grown, providing enjoyment for their own performers and their audiences. They perform at events, including village shows and church fetes. They also teach groups, including scouts and school pupils.

HuMP will be performing in the Village Green at 11.30am and 1.30pm.

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