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Camaraderie, fun and smiles despite the mud

Camaraderie, fun and smiles despite the mud

ON Saturday, March 10, the Go Kids! run, part of Henley Youth Festival, took place at Swiss Farm on Marlow Road, Henley, with races for school years 1 to 6.

The event started at 8.30am with a course walk. The year 3/4 and 5/6 tracks consisted of steep hills and muddy ground. The year 1/2 course was muddy but flatter so a little gentler for the youngest age group.

The first race of the day started at 9.30am. This was for boys in years 1 and 2 and half a mile long.

A speedy pace was set and first place was taken by Joshua Martin, who was representing Shiplake Primary School. He was so fast that the pace-setting “hare” struggled to stay ahead of him!

The year 1/2 girls’ race was won by Isolde Garvin representing Nettlebed Community School. Parents cheered and encouraged their little ones, some even running with them across the line. It was heartwarming to watch.

In the year 3/4 boys’ race Joshua Hatt, representing Sonning Common primary, took gold after flying ahead of the pack. The girls’ race was won by Jemimah Ogston, also from Sonning Common primary.

The year 5/6 girls’ race had the most exciting finish of the day. You could see the determination on the girls’ faces as Gabriella Rust-D’Eye, of Kidmore End Primary School, pulled ahead after a neck-and-neck battle with Bronte Bennett.

Bronte, a year 6 Nettlebed pupil, said: “The hill was the hardest part, it was really tiring.” Finally, the year 5/6 boys’ race was won by Lucas Wilson representing Sacred Heart Primary School.

Spirits were high throughout the morning as crowds cheered on the children and family members helped some runners across the finish line.

It was wonderful to be in such a supportive atmosphere. Everyone was a winner on the day and was awarded a medal for effort.

I would want a medal too for running up that hill as it looked so hard and was not helped by the thick layers of mud!

Event organisers Eileen and Lisa worked really hard on the day.

Eileen said: “It was another great event with fantastic support from the local community.

“Go Kids! believes participation is the key factor and the children certainly proved that working as part of a school team is what reaped rewards. There was camaraderie, fun and smiles by the bucketload.

“Thanks go to Swiss Farm for the generous loan of their fields as well as the children, parents and schools.”

Overall the event was a success and a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the youth festival. I look forward to next year and hope the festival goes on for many years to come.

The full results were:

Years 1/2 (girls): Winner — Isolde Garvin of Nettlebed. Teams: 1 Shiplake, 2 Sacred Heart, Henley,
3 Nettlebed.

Years 1/2 (boys): Winner — Joshua Martin of Shiplake. Teams:
1 Shiplake, 2 Valley Road, Henley,
3 Sacred Heart.

Years 3/4 (girls): Winner — Jemimah Ogston of Sonning Common. Teams: 1 Shiplake,
2 Sonning Common, 3 Sacred Heart.

Years 3/4 (boys): Winner — Joshua Hatt of Sonning Common. Teams: 1 Trinity, Henley,
2 Valley Road, 3 Shiplake.

Years 5/6 (girls): Winner —
Gabriella Rust-D’Eye of Kidmore End. Teams: 1 Sacred Heart,
2 Rupert House, Henley, 3 Sonning Common.

Years 5/6 (boys): Winner — Lucas Wilson of Sacred Heart. Teams:
1 Sacred Heart, 2 Valley Road,
3 Sonning Common.

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