Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Hidden Henley

THIS photograph was taken back in 2011 when there were still several of these old cast marker posts to be seen alongside the Thames between Henley and Shiplake.

The footbridge at Marsh Lock is the only one of its type and seems to the first time visitor to take the walker across to the other side of the river, but instead it leads you back on the same side.

Walking from here upstream these posts had become dangerously close to the water’s edge, but recently I have been unable to see any at all.

Are there still one or two of these posts surviving but hidden under the clumps of nettles and long grasses on the river’s edge?

The inscription says that they were 14 feet from the river when they were placed in 1903.

This may well illustrate the problem that the Environment Agency has been trying to combat, that some motor boats, usually the smaller ones that exceed the speed limit and create excessive wash, are eroding the river bank.

I wonder if readers can let me know if they are aware of any that are left and if they are concerned like me at the loss of these large strips of land up and down the river. Please let me know.

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