Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Hidden Henley

Hidden Henley

NATURE certainly is full of surprises!

This picture shows the hose reel at Shiplake lock pump-out station.

This is where boats pull up to empty their toilet waste holding tanks using the large green hose, which is normally wrapped around the stainless steel reel.

It’s difficult to convey size in a photo but the hose is quite large, about 60mm in diameter, so it is easy to appreciate that when it’s wound in its usual storage position there is hardly any space in the centre of the reel stand.

Yet an enterprising pair of birds has clearly built a nest here in the recent past on what is not the most practical of sites.

I have frequently seen notices at the nearby locks in Sonning and Marsh Lock to let boaters know that the facility is out of order but I still find it difficult to imagine that the birds were left alone long enough to make this their home.

Perhaps an ornithologist can tell me what type of bird this nest might have belonged to?

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