Thursday, 13 May 2021

Hidden Henley

Hidden Henley

DURING the coronavirus pandemic, some people have found time to research their family tree.

This week’s picture is an epitaph in the form of a poem to Bridgit Parsons, who died in 1645. It reads:

Who reads the legends of the former ages,

St Bridgits praise may find in sundrie pages.

Popes, poets, painters have both power and skill

to canonize, praise, paint what saints they will.

Such vaine helps doth not Bridgit Parsons need,

Whose life and death proved her a saint indeed.

Then cease vaine teares, make noe futile complaint.

The earth hast lost, now heaven enjoyes this saint.

So there you have it, generous praise indeed. The epitaph can be found at Crowmarsh church.

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