Tuesday, 22 June 2021

A hundred years ago...

THE past year was the ninth in succession in which the rainfall had been above average but there was very little flooding. The River Thames, with all its weirs drawn, was able to take a flow of 4,500 million gallons daily, with the water bank high. There were 146 houseboats and 852 launches registered last year, compared with 135 houseboats and 804 launches in 1919.

The chief item of interest in the monthly report of Mr H K Baker, sanitary inspector to the Henley Rural District Council, was a question of keeping pigs at Watlington. There had been reports of them being a nuisance and in close proximity to some dwellings. A notice had been served on the owner to remove the animals.

On Monday, the children and teachers of Remenham school and children of the Park Place estate were invited by Captain and Mrs Eric Noble to their annual Christmas treat. The mansion was reached at about 3pm and the children disrobed in the conservatory. After a few minutes’ rest. they were ushered into the servants’ hall where a bountiful tea awaited them.

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