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Henley Royal Regatta 2017 - Friday as it happened

Live: Henley Royal Regatta 2017 - Friday

Shiplake College rowers at Henley Royal Regatta 2017

Our live blog for day three of Henley Royal Regatta has finished. We've been treated to some thrilling racing, and had local crews from Leander Club, Henley Rowing Club and Shiplake College booking places into tomorrow's semi-finals day. Join us first thing tomorrow as we continue our live blog, detailing all the racing, results, reaction and photos from the course and in the meantime read the feed below - which includes photos and reaction from our local crews as well as a flavour of the rest of the day's racing.


7.10pm Britannia - UTS Haberfield RC, Australia vs RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany

It's our final race of the day and it was a cracking side by side fight between two relentless and powerful international crews.

Bayer Leverkusen started aggressively, moving out to almost a half a length's lead within the first minute of the race, but UTS Haberfield hit their rhythm and rowed neat and efficiently to pull back against the initial burst of German power.

Bayer Leverkusen stayed close though, fighting to the last with a sprint by the progress board that meant UTS Haverfield had to use every last iota of energy to cross the line first. They recorded a verdict of half a length against their opponents.

7pm Goblets - Tortora and Helms vs Juhasz and Simon

Hungarians Juhasz and Simon took an early lead and had a well synchronised and rhythmic row across the course. Simon rowed at London 2012 and his experience seemed to help. By the enclosures they were able to slow their rate against the Yale crew Tortora and Helms who drifted across from their station and seemed to have trouble in the conditions.

Juhasz and Simon finished two and a half lengths ahead of their opponents.

6.50pm Thames - NSR Oslo, Norway vs Thames Rowing Club A

We're back to a quarter final for the Thames Challenge Cup, with two crews who started flat out and kept in contention throughout the race.

While Thames held the lead, they were never given a chance to break away into clear water with Oslo staying close, at several points moving a canvas ahead and then causing Thames to have to find more in the tank to push back and regain control.

In a thrilling finale, a final push from the enclosures saw Oslo do everything they could to make up the ground but in the last few strokes it was just not enough. Thames finished a split second ahead with an official canvas verdict.

The Thames crew will hope for a late draw for their meeting with Leander tomorrow, who had a much easier race tonight than the flat out drama of the final exciting moments of this race.

6.40pm Princess Royal - I Janssen vs J Anlauf

Dutch Olympian Inge Janssen met Germany's Anlauf in the women's single sculls.

Janssen put in an assured performance and made sure to save some energy for the later stages of the competition, finishing four and a quarter lengths ahead of her opponent.

6.30pm Britannia - Thames Rowing Club vs New York Athletic Club, USA

NY lost a couple of feet with a scrappy start, which gave Thames a chance to assert their dominance early.

By the midway point Thames had more than a length's clear water. The Americans tried to sprint from the three quarter point but were just too far behind to bring it back.

Thames finished three lengths ahead to progress into the next round.

6.20pm Thames - RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany vs Leander Club

Our last local crew of the evening takes to the water in the men's eights.

In an initial early shock it looked like Bayer Leverkusen were going to take the lead, but Leander settled in, hit their rhythm and then showed their power and precision.

The Leander bladework was much tidier than Leverkusen, allowing them to keep powering ahead and extending the lead.

They crossed the line one and a half lengths ahead of their opponents.

6.10pm Britannia - NSR Oslo, Norway vs Sydney Rowing Club, Australia

An upset for Sydney here after a thrilling race and a great final sprint from Oslo.

The Aussies were ahead throughout the race, reaching the barrier at the two minute mark and Fawley at 3.26. But shortly before the enclosures the Norwegians put on a burst, powering past the Sydney crew and crossing the line two lengths ahead of their opponents.

6.10pm Reaction: Shiplake College in the Princess Elizabeth Cup

Jubilant scenes on the river bank as a crowd of more than fifty members of staff, pupils and parents at Shiplake College celebrated their junior crew's win against Gonzaga High School.

Henley Standard reporter David White was able to catch a few words with Shiplake College headmaster, Gregg Davies. He said: "I'm just thrilled, so thrilled what else can you say? All the boys have worked hard but when they are your boys and it's a school of just 400 pupils, I was almost in the boat with them.

"I was in the grandstand watching the video and we thought we would start off much better, but actually they held us and then we transitioned and went up by three quarters of a length and we couldn't shake them. They are a stone a man heavier on average than us, so we knew they would come back at us and they did. I know we row technically really well and I really thought that once we were in the enclosures the support that Shiplake have had would make a big difference and it did, it just lifted them at the right time.

Shiplake College rowers at Henley Royal Regatta 2017

"You look at your opposite man and you just know they are not going to beat you and you have to have that mindset. This crew has been together now for about six months. What we have now got is an eight and a cox that have really bonded strongly, and they want to work for each other, no question about it. Rowing is the greatest team sport that there is."

Meanwhile, back on the water:

6pm Princess Grace - Reading University vs Calgary Rowing Club, Canada

Reading University beat Calgary Rowing Club by four and a half lengths, booking their place in tomorrow's semi-final.

5.50pm Fawley - Claires Court School vs Globe Rowing Club

An assured performance from Claires Court who had clear water on their opponents from very early on.

Claires Court beat Globe by a verdict of two lengths.

5.40pm Princess Royal - AK Thiele vs SL Connolly

A casualty of the draw, Leicester Rowing Club's Sarah Connolly now faces German international Annekatrin Thiele.

A strong start from both but Thiele was more experienced and gave a masterclass in sculling that culminated in an Easily verdict.

Connolly has only been rowing for three years and said that rowing at Henley will be a career highlight. She's acquitted herself admirably against a three-time Olympic champion. What an experience for your Henley debut.

5.30pm Princess Elizabeth - Shiplake College vs Gonzaga College High School, USA

Back from tea and straight into a race with one of our local crews, Shiplake College. Shiplake rowed a blinder in their heat yesterday, and are facing Gonzaga who caused an upset with a thrilling last minute win in their heat shortly afterwards.

Shiplake went out fast early, taking advantage of their experience and lighter weight to try and get some space between them and their American opponents.

But Gonzaga stayed with them, leaving the local boys just a canvas ahead and setting the scene for a thrilling sprint past the enclosures to see who was eventually going to be victorious.

Gonzaga made the push but it just wasn't enough, with Shiplake crossing the line a length ahead of their opponents. Inspiring, brilliant stuff.

4.20pm Princess Royal - HR Osborne vs JA Cleary

An evenly matched start in the last match of the afternoon session.

New Zealander Hannah Osborne was rowing three strokes a minute lower than her opponent until the mid way point, when she upped her pace and left Australian Jennifer Cleary in her wake, putting clear water between the two of them.

Osborne finished largely unhindered by her opponent, with a tremendous performance which gave her a good opportunity to experience the course before the next round.

We now break for tea. Join us at 5.30pm when we're straight back to an exciting race between Shiplake College and Gonzaga College in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

4.15pm Fawley - Gloucester Rowing Club vs The Windsor Boys' School

Windsor Boys' took a convoluted route for the first hundred metres or so with some slightly awkward steering, but found their stride and moved ahead, establishing themselves in a highly synchronised rhythm which saw them powering to the line.

Gloucester faded by the enclosures, allowing Windsor to ease up towards the line, enjoying the atmosphere and conserving some energy for the next round.

Windsor Boys' finished two and a half lengths ahead.

4.10pm Princess Elizabeth - Deerfield Academy, USA vs Eton College

A masterful performance by the Eton schoolboys, whose experience won out against the younger Deerfield crew.

Eton finished with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths.

4.05pm Visitors' - California Rowing Club, USA vs Taurus Boat Club

A last minute thriller here, with California made to work to keep their early lead throughout the heat.

Exciting scenes at the finish thanks to a great late burst by Taurus which left umpire Sarah Winkless having to check the photo finish before awarding the win to California.

California won by just two feet.

4pm Diamond Jubilee - Godolphin and Latymer School vs Isle of Ely Rowing Club

Godolphin and Latymer had two disasters early on, getting a warning from the umpire for steering shortly past Temple Island and then, a few seconds later, the two seat catching a massive crab which saw her taking several second to wrestle the blade back into position and regain her composure to begin again.

Godolphin and Latymer tried to regain their equilibrium, but despite the crew finding their fluidity and putting on an admirable sprint past the enclosures they were unable to do anything to thwart Ely as they moved through to the next round.

Ely finished two and a quarter lengths ahead.

3.50pm - Goblets - Lester and Padmore vs Dunkley-Smith and Booth

Australians Dunkley-Smith and Booth took an early lead over Lester and Padmore, who have previously won here in 2016 and 2015.

The British crew were unable to pull it back and Dunkley-Smith and Booth (of Mercantile and Melbourne University) finished ahead with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths.

3.45pm Diamond Jubilee - Henley Rowing Club A vs Becket Rowing Club B

More joy for those following local crews at Henley Royal Regatta. Some slightly shaky steering for both crews early on which stopped short of needing the umpire's intervention, but Henley hit their pace and got clear water between them and their opponents early on.

By the final few hundred metres of the course Henley was able to enjoy the lead, lapsing into long, relaxed strokes, clocking a cruising rate of 24 strokes a minute.

They crossed the line two and a half lengths ahead of their opponents.

3.40pm Reaction: Fawley - Leander Club vs Latymer Upper School

The Henley Standard's Connor McLoughlin just caught a word with James Loveday, who is the coach of the Leander four who was just victorious in their Fawley heat. He said: "I think they did an outstanding job. It was a good quality race and they did exactly what we had spoken about so I'm pretty happy with them. They've got a semi-final tomorrow, hopefully they will put in another quality performance. Today's race was stellar work, really high quality."

Meanwhile, back on the water:

3.40pm Britannia - Stratford-Upon-Avon Boat Club vs St Andrew Boat Club

St Andrew beat Stratford with a verdict of one and a third lengths.

3.35pm Princess Elizabeth - Radley College vs St Albans School, USA

By the time they reached the Stewards Enclosure Radley was looking steady, but St Albans seemed ready to pounce. But their stroke rate just wasn't enough to pull things back with, Radley at 37 strokes a minute to St Albans' 36.

Radley beat St Albans with a verdict of three quarters of a length.

3.30pm Women's Fours - Club France, France vs Vesper BC and Princeton NRA, USA

The umpire got very lively in this heat of the coxless women's fours, with both crews getting repeated warnings for steering away from their stations and drifting into the middle.

Steering issues were exacerbated by the fact that the two boats overlapped for the first half of the course, before the Vesper Princeton composite was able to pull away for a lead of around two strokes.

Club France stayed close though, but weren't quite a match for the highly synchronised blade work of the American crew.

3.30pm Women's Fours - Club France, France vs Vesper BC and Princeton NRA, USA

The umpire got very lively in this heat of the coxless women's fours, with both crews getting repeated warnings for steering away from their stations and drifting into the middle.

Steering issues were exacerbated by the fact that the two boats overlapped for the first half of the course, before the Vesper Princeton composite was able to pull away for a lead of around two strokes.

Club France stayed close though, but weren't quite a match for the highly synchronised blade work of the American crew.

Vesper and Princeton finished with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths.

3.20pm Princess Royal - C L E Plumb vs V L Thornley

Leander Vice Captain Vicky Thornley takes to the course now for her single scull heat in the Princess Royal.

In a relaxed heat Thornley had an emphatic win against Camilla Plumb who worked hard and clearly enjoyed the experience, but didn't cause any dramas or concern for the reigning European Champion.

Vicky Thornley progresses to the next round having conserved a lot of energy and keeping her rate relatively low and her strokes long and languid.

3.15pm Fawley - Latymer Upper School vs Leander Club

The Leander junior crew had the slightly neater looking start and settled into a rhythm which allowed them to pull ahead early.

An unhurried and technical row saw them finish a full five lengths ahead of Latymer, easily booking their place into the next round on their home water, much to the delight of the crowd assembled in the enclosures.

3.10pm Princess Grace - University of London vs Hollandia Roeiclub, Netherlands

A calm, assured performance by the Dutch crew who progressed in a straightforward heat with a verdict of two and three quarter lengths on their opponents.

Next up is another of our local crews, with Leander versus Latymer Upper School in the Fawley.

3.05pm Thames - Thames Rowing Club B vs Royal Chester Rowing Club A

Thames won this event in 2015, and on this performance they could be hoping to book their place in the final here.

A comfortable and efficient row from them saw them largely unbothered by Royal Chester. They took the lead early and stretched it to one and three quarter lengths by the final verdict.

3pm Ladies - Newell TC, USA and Mosman Rowing Club, Australia vs Brown University, USA

The Brown crew edged out of the Island maybe a canvas ahead, but Newell Mosman pulled back, seeing the two crews vie for position in the first third of the course.

By Fawley Brown had managed to pull ahead into clear water, with Newell Mosman trying to keep the pace against a significantly heavier and more highly powered crew - Brown averaged 91kg a man to Newell / Mosman's 76kg

Brown slowed the rate towards the line, saving some energy for the weekend. 

They finished one and three quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

2.50pm Goblets - Lodo and Vicino vs Webster and Kennedy

European champions Lodo and Vicino had a controlled row and finished well ahead of their Kiwi opponents Webster and Kennedy. The Italian crew kept a good pace but clearly weren't flat out, with them seeming to keep something back for the next round.

Lodo and Vicino finished three lengths ahead.

2.45pm Double Sculls - Gruhne and Schulze vs Steinhubel and Rommelmann

An upset here at the German derby. Olympic champions Gruhne and Schulze took an early lead but the lightweight crew of Steinhubel and Rommelmann kept close to them throughout the race, keeping them under pressure.

The undoubted underdogs made their move as the two crews reached the enclosure, and Gruhne and Schulze just didn't have the energy to counter. Steinhubel and Rommelmann powered past as the Olympians' heads dropped, with the lightweight crew eventually finishing with an Easily verdict in an astonishing turn about from earlier in the race. What an achievement.

2.40pm Fawley - Maidenhead Rowing Club A vs The Tideway Scullers' School A

Maidenhead had the stronger start and took an early lead, but Tideway Scullers' kept them under pressure throughout the race, staying close enough that the Berkshire crew couldn't risk slowing their rate too much with their opponents relentlessly pursuing them.

In a heartstopping disaster close to the end, Maidenhead nearly lost the race, with their third seat losing his blade and catching a crab. Scullers' weren't quite close enough to capitalise though, so Maidenhead averted disaster, finishing with a verdict of three quarters of a length.

2.35pm Ladies' - Molesey Boat Club and London Rowing Club vs Army Rowing Club

An early steering error by the Army club saw them lose momentum from the off, allowing the composite crew to power to establish a strong lead.

Despite the cox correcting the error, the Army crew couldn't make up the lost ground, with the intermediate composite crew crossing the line with an Easily verdict.

2.25pm Princess Elizabeth - Scotch College, Melbourne, Australia vs St Paul's School

A thrilling head to head race, now with the best schoolboy crew in Australia squaring up against the best schoolboy crew in Britain.

A strong start from both crews saw St Paul's had the edge for the first hundred metres, but the Australians pulled back, powering ahead and taking the lead. St Paul's kept contact through the early part of the race, but clearly had a plan in mind for the right moment.

Melbourne did what they could to push ahead, but with 400m to go St Paul's made their move. Crowds rushed to the banks to see the end of the race. St Paul's pushed forward, leaving nothing in the tank as they worked flat out to power on, but the Aussies stayed half a length ahead in a thrilling finish.

2.20pm Thames - Agecroft Rowing Club bs The Tideway Scullers' School

A thrilling rave with the two teams head to head throughout the course. By the time the two crews reached the enclosures pain was firmly etched on the faces of both crews, but no-one was giving way, much to the delight of the crowds.

Agecroft led towards the finish but Scullers were right by them and giving no ground. Agecroft crossed the line first, with a verdict of just a canvas.

2.15pm Princess Grace - Nottingham Rowing Club and Warrington Rowing Club vs Oxford Brookes University

We're back to the women's quadruple sculls and the

Nottingham and Warrington put on a masterclass of rowing, with a measured and technical row which put them ahead of the Oxford Brookes crew early. Brookes stayed flat out trying to keep up with them, but the power of the composite crew was just too much.

Warrington and Oxford Brookes finish with an Easily verdict.

2.10pm Double Sculls - Varley and Coussens vs Houin and Azou

A treat for spectactors now as the current Olympic champions Houin and Azou take to the course.

The British pair went flat out throughout, ensuring that the French did not get an easy win. The French crew were warned by the umpire for steering coming off Temple Island early on, but soon settled into an assured pace which kept them steady throughout the heat.

Club France finished with a verdict of four and a half lengths.

2.05pm Women's Double Sculls - Newcastle University vs Hollandia Roeiclub, Netherlands

We now move onto the women's fours. Both teams had strong starts, although the Dutch crew pulled away quickly, establishing a lead of several lengths from early on. The Dutch crew had a measured row, peppered with slight steering issues that needed adjusting. However, they kept ahead even with the change in course.

The Newcastle crew kept fighting, and did everything they could to keep up with the Dutch internationals, but they just didn't have the power to catch them before the finish line.

Hollandia Roeiclub finished three lengths ahead.

2pm Remenham - Waiariki Rowing Club, New Zealand vs Edinburgh University

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of day three of Henley Royal Regatta. We've got 35 races to enjoy through this afternoon and evening, including appearances from local crews for Leander Club, Henley Rowing Club and Shiplake College.

It's still grey on the banks of the river, but it's not too chilly and there's thankfully no rain at the moment to put a dampener on quarter finals day.

Our first race back this afternoon is in the Remenham, the women's eights. Edinburgh went out with all guns blazing to try and keep up with the Kiwi crew, which is effectively the New Zealand international women's eight.

At the half way point of the course, the power of the New Zealanders began to really show through and they pulled away considerably from the Edinburgh crew.

Waiariki took the win, finishing three and a quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

12:20 Ladies’ - Elizabethan B.C. v. Oxford Brookes Univ. & Taurus B.C.

Last race of the morning and Brookes are cruising down the course having motored out of the blocks. The Elizabethan crew in distinctive pink blades are old boys and haven’t had much time together.

The Elizabethans are racing it to the finish whilst Brookes look like they’re just sitting on it. Letting the Elizabethan guys have overlap on the finnish line. That race didn’t stress Brookes too much despite being set off very closely behind the women’s pair.

12:15 Women’s Pairs -  Courty & McMurtry v. Prendergast & Gowler

Bath University and Southampton University – the British national squad pair - versus another New Zealand crew.

The NZ crew are sub 6:50 for the 2k in Poznan and are pushing away easily straight away.

Approaching the half way point they sit comfortably in front of the British pair. Unfortunate that the British pair drew the best women’s pair in the world, at the moment.

The New Zealand rowing team are making this look like a row over with a strong controlled powerful row, being several lengths ahead of the British pair. The Bath Southampton crew are racing their race plan and coping with the bouncy conditions that have developed through the morning.

The ladies plate race has been set off before the women’s race has finished which means they will be in uncomfortable water from the launch. Not ideal with five minute gaps between racing.

The NZ girls are paddling through Stewards as the British pair take it up to try to close the gap.

Prendergast & Gowler beat Courty & McMurtry

12:10 Remenham - Hollandia Roeiclub, Netherlands v. Molesey B.C.

Molesey came through the qualifiers despite having several under 23 representatives in the crew. The Dutch pull out an early lead.

In the middle of the course they move off their station into the middle of the course. They are really need to move over as they aren’t reacting. They could be not hearing the umpire who still has the flag on the Dutch side.

The wash from the Dutch could be impeding the Molesey crew. Is this going to be anther DG for the Dutch team in a similar fashion to last year?

Molesey still pushing the Dutch crew at the public enclosures and a strong performance. They are really powering through to the finish line. This despite having hit the booms in qualifiers.

Molesey really taking it to the line though the Dutch have a comfortable row sitting up to the applause from Stewards.

Will there be any questions about steering? No. Time of 7m 1 sec – very fast for this course.

Hollandia Roeiclub, Netherlands v. Molesey B.C.

12:05 Stewards’ - Leander Club & Griffen B.C. v. Club France, FRA

The stroke man of the Lyon boat reset the stroke coach just as the start was being called. That could have been disastrous, but they keep their cool and are level at the start of the track.

At the Barn Bar enclosures they are down on the Leander crew who are really rowing well and pushing into a commanding position.

The French respond in the middle of the course and are warned by the umpire to move back to their station whilst the Leander crew look very calm and collected.

The French come back into the race at the start of the public enclosures, taking the rate up and some more steering going on.

The powerful combination in the Leander and Griffin boat club are taking it up and responding to the charge from the finish. They are not going to get back the distance.

Leander Club & Griffen B.C. beat Club France, FRA

12:00 Women’s Fours - Oxf. Brookes & Melbourne, Australia v. Buckingham & Mercantile, Australia

Former Rio athlete in the Oxford Brookes boat, along with Kimme Brennen in the 2 seat. A strong combination and a truly international race.

A long wait on the start. A long pause. But a clean start. Mercantile are moving a little towards the middle of the course.

This is a truly one on one international race with the crews stroke for stroke. Both crews have some major international accolades and medals. The Brookes boat pulls away at Remenham Church, despite they’ve only been together for a week. They’ve been brought together by business rather than rowing connections.

Another push past the Barn Bar and the Brookes crew move to a length clear water over Mercantile.

The Australian crew are not letting them go and despite a veer into the middle they take back some of the water they’ve conceded. The stern pair in the Brookes boat are rally racing this keeping the rate reasonably high and powering it along.

Mercantile are pushing again, with the girls digging deep keeping the rate up over the bouncy water. Brookes take the rate down a pip but power the finish.

Into the enclosures the Brookes crew maintain their lead rating 35. As the applause starts the Mercantile start their finish and try to claw back some distance.

Oxford Bookes beat Mercantile – the winners will race NYAC That will be a race to watch

11.50 Visitors’ - Boston Univ., USA v. Leander Club

Local crew Leander racing the American crew  in coxless fours. Leander have a canvas lead at the start of the booms as they move on the even start . Leander are using the power on the finish compared to the American who are chipping it down the course. Leander build on that lead.

Matthew Pinsent is umpiring this race.

A solid middle part of the course and Boston haven’t been fully dropped. Leander will have to race the finish as Boston is not letting them go. Leander is warned to move away from the middle of the course and the flag goes up to indicate they need to adjust. Not something you want to do coming up to the finish line. Leander ahev to power iot to the finish as Boston keep the pressure up – still with overlap in the finish.

Leander beat Boston

Barney Stentiford was in the Leander crew that beat Boston.

He said: "It was a good race, it wasn't quite as fast a start as we had yesterday but it was a bit cleaner. It was good test with us side-by-side off the start, then we got in to our nice long rhythm and stuck to our guns.

"It was going to plan and in the last 600m we could afford to relax and enjoy it a bit more.

"We've got to go and recover, our opposition is racing at 4pm so we've got a rest on them."

He added that the conditions were fast and he was told that the crew equalled the record time to reach Fawley.

11.45 Women’s Pairs - Kalmoe & Eisser v. White & Goudet

Another of the new events and US women’s pair racing the Cambridge pair

Goudet get the umpires flag off the start but they get back on their station. The American crew power away from the Cambridge pair, who have international experience but perhaps too much of a big turn around from the eight earlier in the year when they won the boat race.

Kalmoe is three time Olympian and into the enclosures they are comfortably cruising. The Cambridge crew take the rate up as they continue to race their race plan.

The pair is tough boat in the swirl on this course so both crews are working well and steering straight. The Cambridge crew take it up again as the American team cross the finish line.

Kalmoe & Eisser beat White & Goudet

11.40 Diamond Jubilee -  Glasgow Academy v. Headington Sch. ‘A’

Womens junior quads and the Glasgow crew are dropped by the Headington crew off the start.

Headington continue to lead the race comfortably at the half way mark as they execute their race plan. Glasgow are not leaving anything to chance but are going to find it difficult to get back in touch with the Headington crew.

Headington keep the sculling simple and strong as they come into enclosures and keep the rate and power on efficiently.

Glasgow raise the rate hoping to close the distance between the quads. Headington could react in the last 10 strokes if they feel threatened but as they cross the line Glasgow finish a length and a quarter down.

11.35 Princess Grace - Wallingford R.C. & Agecroft R.C. v. The Tideway Sc.Sch.

Women’s quads and fairly similar makeup in the crews. With local scullers in the Wallingford boat. Some very experienced lightweight Scullers in these boats.

At the 500 m mark Wallingford have a lead over Tideway Scullers School. They continue to build their lead and look well in control of the race in front of  Upper Thames.

A very strong determined stroke profile from Wallingford and quite a high rate.

The Scullers crew are not able to make a dent on the lead despite a push at Remenham. Both crews dealing with the bounce on the course well and both spinning the finish to move the boat. At the start of the public enclosures Wallingford need to just hold their nerve and they have this race.

Wallingford beat Scullers

11:30 Ladies’ .............. Dartmouth Coll., USA v. RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany

An international race with a strong college crew against a strong club crew.

Out of the blocks this is stroke for stroke and the standard of rowing is very high. Bayer pull away at the 500m mark with a half length lead but Dartmouth aren’t letting them have it on a plate and are keeping the rate up. Very evenly matched and still very high stroke rates. Both crews powering it down past the Barn Bar.

Bayer moving again at the Fawley mark with about a length over Dartmouth. Bayer are moving again at the 1000m mark.

The Bayer crew have a lot of determination and are very focused as Dartmouth are not letting them go. The crews are really pushing away through to the second half of this race, with the contact not being broken.

Dartmouth respond again as they come to the public enclosures to reach the stroke man of the Bayer boat. Dartmouth are really digging deep to race this finish stretch – the pain is etched on their face. This is proving to be a mind game

Dartmouth raise the rate again in front of the grandstands taking another seat. They are running out of course but a big sprint claws back half a length. Dartmouth really pushed Bayer

Bayer beat Dartmouth.

11.20 Remenham .............. Ohio State Un., USA v. Leander Club & Un. of Lon.

The GB women’s eight against Ohio

Ohio are not letting the GB eight get away and at the half way mark the Ohio crew are still in touch and letting the GB crew have an easy ride. Ohio are obviously believing in their motto – fight to the end. Being umpired by Matthew Pinsent this is a good solid race with Ohio still only half a length down. This is not as comfy as the GB crew would like!.

Ohio make a big push coming into the public enclosures. Can they charge for the finish. 38 strokes in the Ohio boat as they claw back the advantage. This is a race to the line. Ohio are going for it, as GB are 4 pips under.

Leander Club & Un. of Lon beat Ohio State University

Jo Ratten in the composite crew said:  “It was a really good start and it was good to run out on the course. They are a really good crew they have been NCAA champions and it was nice to get a race of that quality early on."

Fiona Gammon representing Leander said: "We’re just ready to step it up for every race”

11.15 Women’s pairs ........ Hardy & Coad v. Goodger & Gowler

Thames versus the New Zealand crew, with NZ off to a good start. The NZ have a length as they start the main campaign on the course. The lightweight Thames crew obviously went off as hard as they can and then they put in a good start but are not catching the NZ crew in the middle of the course.

The Thames girls are really pushing at the 1000m mark but the NZ crew are siting on them.

This will be a good show down between the NZ crew and the Dutch if there are no unexpected issues in the last third of the race. 

Thames lift at Remenham but not quite the same power that the Kiwis have, despite taking the rate up at the start of the public enclosures.  The little flurry does dent the distance but they aren’t any threat to the NZ crew. Great work by the Thames crew to close the gap.

The NZ pair beat Thames

11.10 Double Sculls ....... Oppo & Ruta v. Mondelli & Rambaldi

Two Italian crews – one lightweight and one heavy. The Lightweights are very close to the Heavier crew at the half way mark. You don’t want tobe in the turbulent water.

The lightweights are not letting the heavy’s walk away and the skill is showing .

They are really fighting and both crews are watching watch other. The lightweights are rating much higher and are really pushing. They lightweight crew are really pushing into the public enclosures and take a length from the heavy weight . A massive comeback and was they whip it along int the Stewards enclosure they are really pushing their team mates. T

The lightweights havee doen a dramatic turna around and pushed the heavies away to take two lengths and they are racing for the line. That was a big impact. The heavies were mentally broken by that and paddle over the line.

Oppo & Ruta beat Mondelli & Rambaldi

11.05 Diamond Jubilee .... Henley R.C. ‘B’ v. Gloucester R.C.

Local girls in the women’s junior quads. Gloucester have the pedigree and a very strong start from this crew, with a length at the start of the booms which moves to clear water a the 500m mark.

A little bit of déjà vu as two of these girls were beaten last year by Gloucester on the Friday last year.

Real depth in the Gloucester boat which is pushing away but just drifting to the middle of the course. Henley need to stay in their station so they aren’t sculling in the wash.

Gloucester aren’t taking the rate up but have a very clear lead over Henley.

Henley put in a Remenham push but don’t make a big dent in the Gloucester lead. All the work was done early on for this crew and they can let Henley come up a fraction. A good solid rhythm is keeping them in control.

Henley are going for the line and take a length at Stewards but Gloucester are unfazed taking it up one pip to take the line.

Gloucester R.C. Beat Henley

11.00 Visitors’ ................. Edinburgh Univ. v. New York Athletic Club, USA

Two men’s fours and another crew from NYAC whose women’s crew won in a previous race.  A lot of power out of the blocks and both very aggressive. An oar clash occurs as they reach the end of the island. NYAC are asked by the Umpire to return to the their station. This can be really disruptive to the rhythm. Both boats are neck and neck.

The Edinburgh crew are really pushing at the Barn Bar and move to clear water through to the 1000m mark. They continue to extend the lead out and as NYAC keep pushing. The Edinburgh crew look very smooth and very strong. It’s not over yet and there isn’t a real buffer distance as the NYAC crew are not letting go of the race. At Upper Thames they have two lengths lead and are maintaining their rate.

The Edinburgh crew are really commanding this race as they go into the public enclosures and are really making their mark on the regatta. NYAC continue to push but can’t make a dent in the Edinburgh lead, with a very controlled row.

Into the Stewards this is good solid rowing with the rate increasing again in the NYAC boat – 38 in front of the grandstands.

Edinburgh are confident of the win and cross the line at a comfortable rate.

Edinburgh Univ. beat New York Athletic Club, USA

10:50 Double Sculls ....... Storey & Harris v. Woodfine & Bond

New Zealand versus Vesta. A very heavily favoured New Zealand team.

Relative locals versus the power house of New Zealand.  Vesta veer slightly and a very aggressive start. New Zealand settle into a strong rhythm with Vesta conceding a length at the 500m . The Vesta crew are being outclassed by the international crew. This is a really tough ask and the Kiwi double don’t relax until the half way mark.

The New Zealanders take it down a notch as they come into the enclosures whilst the Vesta crew continue to row their race plan, and race it to the end. It was a tough ask.

Storey & Harris beat Woodfine & Bond

10:45 Women’s pairs ........ Lanz & Rustenburg v. Hagan & Popa

Netherlands versus Australia. This looks set to be a tight race.

At the start of the booms the Dutch crew have a length clear on the Australians. The Dutch crew look very smooth at the front of the stroke and are making their mark early on this race. At the half way mark they lead comfortably and are rowing a couple pips under the Australian crew.

The Dutch are just drifting a little to the middle of the course Will Richard Phelps, the umpire, raise the flag? A steering correction and Phelps remains stoically still.

The Dutch are rating 32 in front of Upper Thames so they aren’t letting the rate drop right down but more as a good steady state and being very efficient in their rowing.

The Australians, using Cambridge blades are racing their own race. The Dutch are relaxed into Stewards, as they row more centrally down the course to take the line.

Lanz & Rustenburg beat Hagan & Popa

10:40 Visitors’ ................. Cambridge Univ. v. Aviron Grenoblois, France

Coxless fours and Cambridge are off like a rocket with a bit of steering from the French crew. The French are not letting the Cambridge crew have the race their own way. The Cambridge crew are being pushed down this course.

The French are still overlapping the Cambridge boat at the 1000m mark.

At Remenham they are still only a length down Cambridge want to stretch out to clear water to have control of the race and the French are not letting them have this.

Both crews are showing confident rowing with little steering. The Cambridge crew open to clear water with the tempo raised. The bounce as you come into the enclosures can cause you to lose your composure but both crews at 36 and are moving well.

In front of the grandstands the Cambridge crew have this and are powering the last 20 strokes to the finish. Not an easy race for Cambridge but a win none the less.

Cambridge Univ.  Beat Aviron Grenoblois, France

10:35 Women’s fours ....... New York Athletic Club, USA v. Ohio State Univ., USA

The first women’s four race, with the introduction of gender parity at the higher level events.

A new event for the Olympics and a new event for Henley. This is going to be a tough race for Ohio against the NYAC team which has a five time world champion in the boat and three women’s Henley medals.

NYAC move to a comfortable lead over Ohio with a solid rhythm. This is a coxless boat but they seem to be having less steering issues than the men.

The NYAC crew are cruising past Remenham Club with the Ohio crew still racing their race. The water has started to become choppy with the cruisers on the river creating wash . This does affect racing and requires the rowers to be technically good and reactive.

Ohio are still taking the rate up but are not denting the distance created by NYAC. Ohio at 37 with a much more relaxed rate from the NYAC crew, who are taking the applause through the Stewards Enclosure.

New York Athletic Club, USA beat Ohio State Univ., USA

10:30 Temple .................... Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands v. Oxford Brookes Univ. ‘A’

Two big eights and this is going to be ferocious racing. Two very big crews who are stroke for stroke off the start and Brookes develop an early lead but only a third of a length.

The Dutch are staying in contact and not letting the Brookes boat walk awy so Brookes put in a push at the 500m mark.

The Dutch stay in contact after that push and are pushing this Brookes boat up the course. At the Barn Barn both are rating 36 so this is a hard fast race.

Going through the 1000m mark Brookes are in a good position ahead thought the Dutch are still touching the stern of the Brookes crew. The Dutch are rowing a little in the middle of the course which won’t help with the dirty water . They move apart in front of Upper Thames.

At Remenham Brookes put in a big push and move to clear water. Is this Brookes second wind? Brookes at 34 with a one length lead into the enclosures. Brookes are then warned by the umpire as they start to develop a commanding lead. They move back. The dutch can’t respond despite the wobble.

The Dutch are really going for the line. You can’t leave anything in the tank because you'll only regret it.

Oxford Brookes have it by half a length.

10:20 Diamonds................ M. R. G. Dunham v. A. J. Ling

Ling raced yesterday whilst a first outing for the New Zealander.  Ling from Leander is being overrated by the New Zealander who is really fighting down the course against the home Sculler. The New Zealander breaks away a the half way point and into the enclosures, Dunham has a comfortable lead over Ling.

Ling is sculling well and through enclosures is not pushing for the line, taking the applause.

M. R. G. Dunham beats A. J. Ling

10:15 Women’s Double Sculls - Tarantola & Bove v. Ernst & Rakauskaite

France versus  Worcester University and RC.

The fench are lightweights and go out at high rate, taken a length on the Worcester boat at the start of the booms. The French move away to a clear advantage.

The Worcester crew move to the middle of the course at the Barn Bar as the French crew are clearly in front. Richard Phelps, umpiring this race is not asking them to move over thought the French are also moving to the middle of the course.

At Upper Thames the beautiful sculling of the French is showing their international class.

This is good experience for the English girls but the French squad girls are well ahead and are paddling solidly up to the finish line.

Tarantola & Bove beat Ernst & Rakauskaite

10:10 Wyfold ................... Commercial R.C., Ireland v. Thames R.C.

More meandering at the start from these coxless boats but no flags. The Irish crew gain a slight advantage and push to a length lead at the 1000m mark but Thames are still in touch.

As they come into Upper Thames and Remenham Thames press on to keep the distance advantage of the Irish to half a length.

A lift is reacted to by the Irish who are in a tandem rigged boat. The advantage is cut as Thames bring the boatlevel .. Can they push through. Thames get a warning flag.

Thames take the rate up and push past the Irish at the start of the enclosures and the noise starts lifting both crews. This is very likely to go right to the wire. Thames are warned again. The Irish take it up Thames take it up and this is surge for surge and the steering could have counted for the result here. Nip and tuck to the line and it looks like Thames got this.

Thames win by 1ft.

Off to meet Sport Imperial tomorrow.

10:05 Prince of Wales ..... Leander Club ‘B’ v. The Tideway Sc.Sch. & Tyrian Club

Both crews need to wathc their steering off the start but are side by side into the track and Scullers are not letting Leander have the advantage of home water.

This is about matched surges in the stroke and Leander are still slightly higher on the rate at 500m.

Leander establish a lead despite ebing the lighter crew and have pushed away to clear water at the half way mark. In front of Upper Thames they have a comfortable lead and at the enclosures they take the rate down to power it through.

Could this be an all Leander final?

Leander B beat Tideway Scullers and Tyrian

10:00 Remenham .............. Univ. of Lon. & Imperial Coll. v. Calgary R. C., Canada

Boris Rankov calls the roll over and the Canadian crew go...the nerves have got to them and they twitched and went.

This is the women’s GB under 23 eight racing a big Canadian team. The second start is clean but Calgary are warned as they come together in the middle of the race.


This is stroke for stroke at the start of the boomed track and maybe not quite a clean astart for Calgary – will it count later in the race?

The British girls put in a push to the 500m mark and move to half a length lead, powering through. The Calgary boat digs deep as they move through the barn bar but they aren’t moving up on the British girls.

Passing through the 100m mark the Under 23’s still have a half length lead but Calgary are not letting them walk away. At Upper Thames they are still only half a length up and Calgary are putting in a big push to move to a third of a length. They are aiming to take it man for man through the boat, to get back in front.

The U23 potential boat can’t let their rhythm go as the well drilled Canadians are back alongside, stroke for stroke. This is about committing to every single stroke.  At the mile mark its quarter of a length to UL. This is a proper race and is going to go to the wire as the noise rises from the crowds in Stewards. The Canadian boat catches a blade and wobbles – is that the turning point in the race.

The British girls respond and push again they are both going for the line. Calgary lost half a length and can’t make it up to the finish line.

University of London and Imperial beat Calgary Rowing Club

9:50 Diamonds................ C. N. Girdlestone v. H. M. J. Uglow

An Australian versus Uglow of Imperial. Harry Uglow makes the faster start but Girdlestone moves away to clear water at the start of the booms. Uglow has lost touch with Girdlestone at the 500m mark.

Coming into the enclosures Girdlestone has taken his foot off the pedal and Uglow, still racing his race, is not in touch. Girdlestone made the race his own right from the start.

C. N. Girdlestone beat H. M. J. Uglow

9:45 Women’s Double Sculls - de Jong & Oldenburg v. Macro & Clutterbuck

Bath University against Hollandia Roi Club from the Netherlands, with the Bath crew the winners at women’s Henley.

The crews are a little close together in the middle of the course. The Dutch crew move back as the Bath get into their rhythm. The Dutch crew move to a length lead as the Bath crew keep the rate high at the 500m mark.

The Dutch crew are in a comfortable rhythm and are powering away from the Bath combination, as they drop the rate slightly at the 1000m mark, their distinctive lions rampant on their kit in the sun.

The Bath crew take it up as they pass Upper Thames which would have been the finish of Women’s Henley a few weeks ago.

The Dutch have several lengths clear water and are in command of the race, as the British women are still putting the power on but are in their own bubble.

The Dutch make a little lift at the public enclosures as voices are raised on the bank, knowing the finish is not far off.

The Dutch manage their energy as they take the applause at Stewards.

de Jong & Oldenburg beat Macro & Clutterbuck

9:40 Temple .................... Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA v. Santa Clara Univ., USA

An all American contest with the Californians taking the advantage off the start to a length past the 1000m marker and into Upper Thames they move to clear water. Cal are getting more cover stroke for stroke over the Santa Clara team.

At Remenham Cal have two lengths and are rowing cleanly, whilst Sana Clara are labouring to stay in touch and not let this race become a procession.

Cal lap up the cheers and applause in front of Stewards as Santa Clara can’t get back in the race.

9.35 Prince of Wales ..... Nottingham R.C. & Agecroft R.C. v. Molesey B.C.

Mens quads and both crews away cleanly with Molesey having the power over Nottinghams higher rate. Into the booms they are stroke for stroke and this is real match racing with not an inch in it. At the Barn Bar Nottingham move to edge in front.

Molesey are underrating Notts as the Notts crew put in a pus h at the half mile mark. There is a half length advantage to Notts at Upper Thames but Molesey are lifted by the voices at Remenham and they take it up and push back through.

At oublic enclosures Molesey push again and Notts react this is one on e still with the advantage to Notts. Molesey go again.

Notts are able to react and take the rate up to start their finish line charge. The Notts crew is a heavier boat and move away again. Moelsey are running out of course. Notts take the line as they pull clear again.

Nottingham & Agecroft beat Molesey Boat Club

9:30 Wyfold ................... Mercantile R.C., Australia v. Sport Imperial B.C.

Coxless fours and always interesting to watch the steering off the start Sport Imperial have a correction abut both away into the booms without issues. This is side by side. Stroke by stroke, though Imperial are close to the booms.

Imperial take a lead over the Australians at the Barn Bar, The Australians are bow side stroked. Perfect conditions on the river and not much river traffic means this is a good fast race.

Imperial move away again at Upper Thames to open up to several lengths as the Australian crew can’t respond.

Imperial move away again at the public enclosures and look like they are going for a time as they don’t let the Australians get close. At Stewards they do take it down, deciding not to race the finish. The Australians do take it up but have too much distance to make up.

Sport Imperial beat Mercantile R.C., Australia

9:20 Diamonds................ J. H. Graves v. J. A. Kirkwood

Graves of the US is racing a Leander athlete Jamie Kirkwood, who has won the Wingfield sculls and has been at the world championships in the Lightweight quad.

John Graves goes off hard using his weight advantage to open a length lead. Kirkwood isn’t letting him go but is making a dent in the lead.

Into the enclosures Graves is clear of his lightweight opponent and is taking the applause at Stewards without having to stretch himself too much. The Leander Sculler is still pushing and sculling his own race.

Graves of the USA beats Kirkwood of Leander

9:15 Women’s Double Sculls -  Lingard & Olusanya v. Donoghue & Loe

The second women’s race this morning and the New Zelanders veer in to the middle of the course, with a fierce rate of striking over the lighter opposition from Exeter University.

The New Zealand crew who have raced NZ at Poznan earlier in the year, command this race from the start and at the start of the enclosures the NZ crew are paddling down the course in steady state whilst the Exeter crew are racing their race.

The Exeter crew are taking it up for the line but the New Zealand crew cruise over the line.

New Zealand beat Exeter University

9:10 Wyfold ................... The Tideway Sc.Sch. v. K.A.R.Z.V. De Hoop, Netherlands

De Hoop are being warned off the start by the umpire and there’s a clash on the start, within the first 250m,  before the end of the island. The umpire will be the decision maker on this. De Hoop had the warning but a restart has been allowed.

They line up a second time. The Dutch are tandem rigged on bow side and the dutch ask if there will be a call over or it will go straight into attention go. They set of straight this time thought perhaps a little more cautious. They are rowing stroke for stroke thought still relatively close to each other. The dutch have the early advantage.

The Hoop move to a length at the 500m mark and look like they are settling into their rhythm. A very long stroke from the dutch . They are a big crew.

Scullers are struggling with their steering and should correct as the umpire warns them to steer away.

Scullers get back on terms into the half way mark and edging in front of DeHoop to move to a canvas in front at the 100m marker. IN front of Remenham Club they will hear the club crowds. The Dutch don’t seem to have responded on stroke rate.  A lot of aggression in the Scullers crew. A length clear from the Dutch and really making a mark. Scullers move to two lengths clear at Remenham.

At the public enclosures the dutch raise the rate but have been rowed through and Scullers respond. If Scullers win they will race the Australian crew that has also been seen this morning.

De Hoop have not responded successfully as in front of the Stewards the scullers crew calm the rate but keep the power to take the line.

Tideway Scullers beat De Hoop, Netherlands

9:05 Temple .................... Univ. of London ‘A’ v. Cornell Univ. ‘A’, USA

Student eights and a classic Anglo American clash with the big red bears in the red white kite. A good start from the lighter Cornell boat as UL come back at the 500m mark having dropped a canvas at the start.

London establish a better rhythm and use the weight advantage and push through in the middle of the course. London open the advantage in the middle of the course.

A lot of power in the UL crew with an ergo champ at stroke and this is the crew to be watched as the challenger to Brookes. However Cornell put in a big push in the middle of the course and gain a half length aiming to get back on terms. Cornell are really building the finish and have overlap on the UL crew. As they come to the public enclosures they are still on terms with UL and are bow ball to stern. The lightweight s are really technically efficient but the power advantage can count through Stewards.

Loud shouts in front of the grandstands and there is overlap again but Cornell have run out of course, losing by two thirds of a length.

UL beat Cornell

9:00 Prince of Wales ..... Edinburgh Univ. v. Christiania Roklub, Norway

After some interesting racing for both crews this will be a tough race for these two quads.

Away cleanly and explosively with some minor steering adjustments. The Norwegians get half a canvas at the start of the booms and are in a good early rhythm. They move to a significant advantage over Edinburgh tto clear water at the 500m mark. This is a race with genuine pace. This is very competitive.

The focus, concentration means the crew are going straight as an arrow down the course. The Edinburgh crew are staying in touch and move back to overlap in the middle of the course. They need to find some speed over the second half of the course. Edinburgh are challenging hard and they move again to haul back the distance. Edinburgh are attacking continuously and lift again at Upper Thames. This could be a tight race as they claim another foot to move to only a half length down.

Can they row through the Norwegians.

Norway raises it’s rate to react at Remenham and Edinburgh continue to make up ground and move to the bow ball in front.

The young Edinburgh guys are now ahead of the Norwegians at eh start of the enclosures. This is going to be a race to the line. The Norwegians have been overhauled by Edinburgh as they find an extra gear again at the start of Stewards. Edinburgh are going for the line early who are taking it up again and trying to push to clear water over the Norwegians.

Edinburgh are taking the applause and are set to take the line bar disaster.

Edinburgh drop the rate as the Norwegians raise theirs.

Edinburgh beat Norway.

8.50 Diamonds................ J. B. Stimpson will scull over

Stimpsons opposition has scratched due to injury reasons and he will comfortably scull down the course in order to progress to the next round.

He looks very comfortable as the sun comes out though there are still some grey clouds around.

8.45 Women’s double sculls - Cole-Hossain & Perry v. Francis & Carmichael

The first of these races, one of three new races this year and the British double who have been part of the GB team breaking into clear water advantage before the 500m mark. The GB crew have a clear weight advantage over the lighter Thames crew.

A few steering issues from the Thames crew as the Imperial and Leander double power down the course showing their experience.

The leading double is showing why they are one of the worlds best and this is an incredibly inspiring race for women who up until this year have only had the eight or single to race in at senior level or the quad at junior level.

Thames continue to have steering issues as the Leander crew scull comfortably into enclosures. Thames take it up and are really going all the way. Leander tale the rate down to take the applause in Stewards as they cross the line. A call for Thames but they don’t make a dent in the distance the GB double had opened.


8:40 Wyfold ................... London R.C. v. U.T.S. Haberfield R.C., Australia

Coxless fours and an impressive Australian crew against London. They establish a length lead in the first quarter of the race. Steering a little close and they need to keep to their part of the course or they will receive a warning from the umpire.

The Australian four is tandem rigged on stroke side whilst the London crew is tandem rigged on bow side they really need to stay apart.

Coming into the enclosures the Australians are leading by two lengths and are really pushing the finish whailst London are rating slightly higher. In front of the Stewards London are really pushing towards the finish. Haberfield have no worries and take the line beating London

8:35 Prince of Wales ..... Reading Univ. ‘A’ v. Leander Club ‘A’

The first local crews race. Leander establish an early advantage by a canvas and the n move to half a length. Easing away from Reading. This is Leander’s training stretch and they have the advantage of knowing the markers along the course instinctively. At the 500 m mark they have opend up the lead with clear water and in front of the Barn Bar they are staying relaxed and powering down the course.

They have a strong middle thousand and this races is backing up their good season. Reading need to get back on terms in this middle stretch and are stillracing their race plan and pushing Leander.

When you’re racing in a boat your opposition always looks closer than it does on the you tube feed, so Leander will be tapping it along and keeping the pushes, with that ‘closeness’ in mind. Leander have a 20kg weight advantage over the lightweight Reading crew and are powering it down to the enclosures.

Reading take the rate up as they come to the public enclosures but Leander are looking very calm as they cruise through Stewards and take the line

Leander beat Reading University

8:30 Temple .................... Oxford Brookes Univ. ‘B’ v. Yale Univ., USA

Steve Redgrave, chairman of the regatta is following this race in thelaunch as the first race prepares to race. Two eights who have come through two rounds to get to this point. Some final growls from the Americans and the coxes have their hands up.

The umpire calls the roll over , hands go down. Equal drive off the first stroke and both crews cleanly away.. Yale seem to have the more immediate power Brookes rating slightly higher – probably only one pip . Yale have half a length as they enter the booms and the main part of the track.

Brookes had the faster time yesterday but Yale have taken the start advantage. Brookes are not letting them getting away. The umpire warns Yale.

Yale break clear at Remenham Church though Brookes could still come back as they seem more drilled. Yale have a big finish with a heavier crew over Brookes

Both crews are a little close and Brookes need to stay out of the dirty water. Yale are warned again.

Brookes put in an Upper Thames push and make a dent in the two lengths Yale have but Yale have the advantage of being able to react. Yale have a pedigree in ‘dualing’ races so can react to the charge.

Yale tale the rate up at Remenham club making sure that they are not going to let Brookes row down the distance.

As they come into the enclosures the sun is coming out. Brookes are building to the finish early and are not going to let the Americans have this all their way. Yale looking smooth as Brookes really put in the final push, Brookes have made up a length but it’s not enough. Yale take the race over 0xford Brookes ‘B’

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