Thursday, 05 August 2021

Temporary home for workers

A COUPLE who are starting an alpaca farm near Crazies Hill have applied for permission to install a mobile home on the land to house workers.

David and Lyn Ormandy hope to have about 25 animals at the farm in Worleys Lane and breed from them.

Mrs Ormandy has wanted to rear alpacas for several years and used to work at the nearby Juddmonte Farms stud farm for racehorses.

The couple have permission for a barn on the site to store hay and machinery but now want to install a two-bedroom mobile home for workers who need to be on site around the clock to care for the alpacas, especially during the breeding season.

In a planning statement, Mr and Mrs Ormandy say pregnant alpacas need constant attention, adding: “They frequently give birth two to three weeks either side of the anticipated birth date. It is therefore impossible to predict accurately the time of calving and to plan accordingly.”

They also say that alpaca calves, which are worth thousands of pounds, require bottle feeding for the first three to five months.

Mr and Mrs Ormandy say they will start with four breeding females and the business will also include the sale of the animals, livery and stud services and the sale of wool.

They say they do not expect much income until numbers increase and will be supported by Mr Ormandy’s income from his fencing business.

Wargrave Parish Council says it is uneasy with a permanent structure but would agree to a temporary home until the business proves viable. Wokingham Borough Council will make the final decision.

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