Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Workmen request own boat

A BOAT could be bought for Henley Town Council’s parks services team.

Councillors discussed buying or renting the vessel to allow staff to carry out work on the river, such as removing obstructions in the water.

Currently, they have to use a boat owned by parks manager Gareth Bartle or rent one from Hobbs of Henley.

At a meeting of the council’s recreation and amenities committee, Mayor Kellie Hinton said: “We don’t have to spend a lot, maybe £1,000. It’s just so you know they are not using Gareth’s boat or borrowing a Hobbs boat.”

Town clerk Janet Wheeler said it would be useful as council staff are not permitted to enter the water.

But Councillor Sam Evans said more research was needed.

“We need to investigate if we are best to own a boat or lease it,” she said. “If we are only on the river a few times it’s hugely expensive.”

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