Thursday, 23 September 2021

Playground bark may be axed for alternative

THE playground in Wargrave could be resurfaced at a cost of up to £18,000.

The facility in East View Road currently has bark chippings, which need to be topped up every two years.

Now the parish council is to consider a new permanent alternative, such as a wet pour surface or rubber mulch, after being been quoted almost £5,000 for a new play bark topping.

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges told a council meeting: “We need to install about 30 cubic metres. This is a constant thing, it doesn’t last that long. We would have to top up the bark at least every two years and you can only do that so many times before you have to scrape it all off and replace it. Wet pour would last 15 years and we would get 10 to 12 years from rubber mulch.” He said the rubber mulch needed no preparation surface underneath and it could be repaired easily, while spillages such as broken glass could be easily cleared up.

The council has been quoted £18,000 to put this in while removing the bark would cost about £3,600, or this could be carried out by council staff.

Mr Hedges said: “Another company will give us a comparable quote and I’m strongly suggesting that we look at this surface.”

Councillor Philip Davies said the rubber mulch surface would save up to £8,000 over 10 years and that paying for the bark to be topped up or replaced regularly seemed “silly”.

The playground was refurbished with new equipment in 2015 at a cost of £45,000.

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