Monday, 18 October 2021

Neighbours oppose old police house redevelopment

NEIGHBOURS have criticised plans to build a second home on the site of the old police house in Wargrave.

Paul Woods says the new five-bedroom property at the junction of Braybrooke Road and School Hill would not overlook any other houses and would have an “acceptable relationship” with them.

He also wants to demolish a garage at the site and create six parking spaces which he says will prevent traffic problems.

But neighbours say the development would add to the traffic on roads that are already busy, especially when parents are picking up or dropping off their children at Robert Piggott Junior School in School Hill.

Emma Craig, of Braybrooke Road, said: “I am concerned about the presence of extra vehicles in this area, especially around school drop-off and pick-up time.

“Negotiating School Hill at those times is very difficult and sometimes dangerous for pedestrians as cars regularly mount the pavement in order to pass and it will only worsen the situation if an extra dwelling is built here.”

Paula Wallace, of School Hill, said: “The junction is already dangerous and it is difficult to both exit and enter Braybrooke Road. This is exacerbated at school drop-off time.

“The addition of six parking spaces will increase traffic congestion at this dangerous junction, making it less safe and increasing the risk of an accident.

“The site of the proposed parking is directly opposite the most dangerous point of the road, where cars usually stop behind parked vehicles before they can travel down the rest of the road.”

Gillian Coombes, of High Street, has objected to Mr Woods’s plans to also re-orientate the police house. She said: “Wargrave is a village with a number of unique historical houses.

“The house is one of these and needs to be saved to maintain the village history.”

Wargrave Parish Council has objected on the grounds of the bulk and mass, the design not being in keeping with the area and the access having a detrimental impact on highway safety.

Mr Woods has previously applied to build two new homes on the site.

A decision will be made by Wokingham Borough Council later this month.

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