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Charity needs bigger fence to deter rowdies

Charity needs bigger fence to deter rowdies

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HIGHER fencing could be installed at the premises of a Henley charity to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Headway, which leases Brunner Hall in Greys Road from Henley Town Council, says it has had many incidents of people jumping over the existing fences into its garden from Makins recreation ground.

Now councillors are to consider installing more secure fencing more than 2m high as well as lower-level fencing between the recreation ground and Makins car park.

Members of the council’s open and green spaces sub-committee looked at several types of fence, including palisade, which has spiked or forked tops, mesh and bowtop.

Mayor Kellie Hinton said: “I’m up for security fencing painted green with forking at the top and bowtop for the rest of it.

“There needs to be fencing there. After dark the skate park is not used for skating.”

But other councillors said fencing with sharp tops would not be appropriate for a recreation area.

Councillor David Nimmo Smith said: “We want to make sure the environment up there is not hostile and I’m not keen on the forked one — that’s the sort you would have around a warehouse.

“On a spiked top people are going to get impaled and we will be accused of putting the wrong type of fencing in.”

Councillor Sam Evans added: “I don’t think the split-top fencing is appropriate for a recreation area. We know people are going to climb over it but that’s for super security measures and isn’t appropriate for Makins.

“I don’t think any fencing down there is going to be attractive but we’ve got to have it and I think bowtop is the best we can do.”

Councillor David Eggleton suggested a mesh fence would be difficult to climb and would be almost invisible from a distance.

Councillors agreed to ask companies for images illustrating how each type of fence would look at the site before making a final decision.

Meanwhile, plans to install a table tennis table at the recreation ground have been shelved after a lukewarm response from residents.

The council obtained three estimates for both steel and concrete tables, ranging from £500 for a single table to £4,100 for two, in December.

The plans were posted on social media but did not receive a lot of attention.

Councillor Sarah Miller said: “We think that it’s perhaps not right to put tables up there at this time. We have got the park and skate park, so a lot is happening up there anyway.”

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