Friday, 12 August 2022

‘Doctors and nurses’ mark 70 years of NHS

Run celebrates 70th anniversary of National Health Service

A RUN to mark the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service took place in Henley on Saturday.

More than 80 people gathered at 40 Acre Path, off Tilebarn Close, for the 9am start and sang Happy Birthday before setting off.

Some participants and organisers were dressed as doctors and nurses.

The event was one of hundreds of parkruns that took place around the country to recognise the contribution of the NHS and inspire people to take part in physical activity and volunteering. The run was started by Dr Ralph Drury, a GP at the Sonning Common Health Centre.

He said: “Everybody at some stage has a need to use the NHS and it should be free to everyone.

“It’s going through tough times at the moment and everyone needs to back it.”

Kristin Henderson, one of the run volunteers, said: “The NHS has helped me enormously so this is a nice way to say ‘thank you’.”

Her husband Craig, a race
co-director, said: “The NHS is a national institution. It is going through a tough time at the moment, like all government services, so it’s good to celebrate the good work it does and show our appreciation for those involved.”

Participants could leave messages before and after the run on how the NHS had helped them and these were posted on social media.

Henley parkrun is a free 5km event that takes place at 40 Acre Path every Saturday at 9am.

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