Friday, 12 August 2022

‘Villages need CCTV’

A CALL has been made for CCTV to be installed in Wargrave and Crazies Hill to deter criminals.

Parish councillor Nick Hart spoke out following a spate of break-ins at garages and outhouses in Cockpole Green and Crazies Hill, where he lives.

Speaking at a parish concil meeting, he said: “It’s alarming the number of break-ins we have had.

“Lots of outbuildings have been broken into and we’ve been broken into twice.

“It’s very prevalent and seems to be on the rise. CCTV is a deterrent more than anything else.”

Other councillors said they supported measures to prevent crime but CCTV in the streets could be expensive and difficult to manage.

Councillor Andrew Luckwell said: “Having an alarm and CCTV on your own house is a good deterrent.

“If you’ve got an alarm and it’s not deterring them then I’m not sure that a camera on a pole will.”

Councillor Terry Cattermole said it would be impossible to cover every street with a camera.

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges said CCTV footage was costly to monitor and could only be used to corroborate other evidence of a crime.

Chairman Richard Bush suggested revisiting plans to install CCTV on council-owned buildings.

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