Sunday, 24 March 2019

Neighbours oppose plan for two houses in place of one

NEIGHBOURS have objected to plans to demolish a large house in Henley and build two in its place.

The owner of the property in Lambridge Wood Road is seeking planning permission for a pair of three-storey, six-bedroom properties.

A similar application in 2015 was rejected.

In a planning statement, agent Groom Design says: “It is not considered that the amount of development proposed would be unduly dominant on the site or cause any significant detriment to the character of the area or adjacent properties.”

But neighbours spoke against the plans at a meeting of Henley Town Council’s planning committee.

Mary Sarson said that none of the reasons for the previous application being refused permission had been addressed. She added: “It’s an attempt to wear us down with continuous planning applications.”

Paul Southwell said: “The size and scale of the proposed development is inappropriate for the land available.

“The proposal is out of keeping with the street scene and is not appropriate in Lambridge Wood Road.”

Jean Sichel said: “This is one of the smallest plots in the road. The construction of three-storey houses with six bedrooms would be an even greater density of use.

“There is not enough parking on the proposed site and the road outside is very narrow.

“The whole proposal is contrary to the present street scene and would damage the whole tenor of the surrounding area.”

The committee agreed with the residents and recommended that the application is refused.

Councillor Laurence Plant said: “It’s far too much for the plot and unneighbourly. I’d be all for the demolition of the property on the site and the construction of a new one but not two.”

Councillor Lorraine Hillier said: “You’ve got these lovely large properties with space around them and developers are taking advantage and subdividing these plots. I do think this would compromise the uniqueness of the area.”

Committee chairman Ken Arlett said the proposed houses had been “shoehorned” into the plot, adding: “It’s sad the way these streets have been destroyed through the years.”

Councillor David Nimmo Smith said: “It is happening quite a lot across the country, where planning legislation is geared towards breaking up within settlements. We have got to be very robust about it.”

The committee also recommended refusal of plans to extend a house in St Mark’s Road.

Nigel Geary wants to build front and rear extensions but a neighbour said this would be like having a “big factory” next door.

David Bridekirk said: “It’s very overpowering, over-intensive and situated right along our property line, virtually where our fence line is. We are concerned about the roof line and the height of the building.

“The prospect we have is of a huge brick building running from the front to the back of our property.”

Fellow resident Peter Jennings said: “The style of the roof raises the overall height considerably from the existing roofline and this is exacerbated as the property is on the uphill side.

“With the gables on each side, it is not in keeping with other properties in the street, the design of which aims to reduce the impact on other dwellings.”

Cllr Plant said: “I do think the roof line is too high and makes it overbearing and unneighbourly.”

Both applications will be decided by South Oxfordshire District Council.

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