Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Amorous amphibians multiply

MORE than 5,700 toads have now been helped by this year’s Henley Toad Patrol.

In the past week more than 2,000 toads, 100 frogs and 60 newts have been collected by volunteers and transported safely across the Marlow Road at Oaken Grove Wood, near Henley Business School, exceeding the seasonal average.

A barrier has been installed along the road to avoid the amphibians being hit by traffic. They are then loaded into buckets and taken to a spawning pond over the road.

Organiser Angelina Jones said changeable weather conditions had led to uncertainty in the toads’ movements over the last few weeks but up to 800 toads had been collected on some nights.

She said: “After helping the toads in one direction, the volunteers must then work out which of the migrating amphibians need help getting back.

“For a second time this year the toads need help to cross the road to reach the wood on the northern side, where they spend nearly all their time.

“It is sheer guesswork trying to predict what this year’s final numbers will be. We will have to wait to find out.”

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