Friday, 19 July 2019

Classic car stolen during night

Classic car stolen during night

A CLASSIC car was stolen from outside a man’s home in Henley.

The 1965 Fiat 500 Cinquecento vanished during Sunday night while owner Christopher Tarling was asleep at his house in Greys Road.

The car, which was a gift from his brother, is worth about £6,000.

Mr Tarling, 31, a software developer, said he had planned to register the car ready to drive this summer.

He said the thieves would have had to manoeuvre the car around his Toyota Aygo, which was parked in front of it, and his housemate’s Alfa Romeo, which was parked in the street.

They cut the ABS sensor cables in the back of his Toyota to prevent the alarm going off when it was moved.

Mr Tarling said the Fiat was outside when his housemate arrived home at 9pm but when he went to leave for work at 8.30am on Monday he found it had gone.

He said: “I stepped out and noticed there was a gap where there should have been a car.

“My first reaction was ‘maybe my brother has come and moved it in the night’ but that was wishful thinking.”

Mr Tarling said neither he nor his housemate had heard anything in the night. He said: “It’s a noisy road so you zone it all out. I’ve talked to my neighbours and nobody saw or heard anything unusual.

“My housemate was on holiday last week and I was working in London for the weekend so there was nothing to stop somebody coming to have a look around. I imagine they saw it over the weekend and planned to come back.

“The car is very light — two people can lift it. They would have had to push it into the corner and then lift the front and drag it around. There’s just about enough room to make it.”

His brother has suggested that because the car, which is left-hand drive, is small it could have been put in the back of a van or towed away.

Mr Tarling said: “It is disappointing. In Henley you don’t think this kind of thing happens.

“It was not a hugely expensive car but it was a nice thing to have. I was hoping to use it to drive my friend to his wedding in Hambleden this year.”

Police are investigating the theft. Anyone with information should call Thames Valley Police’s non-emergency number 101, quoting crime reference number 43190105829.

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