Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Pupils enjoy creating rainbows to cheer everybody up

Pupils enjoy creating rainbows to cheer everybody up

CHILDREN at St Mary’s School in Henley whose parents are key workers have joined a national movement to encourage people to stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic.

The youngsters have been painting and drawing rainbows to decorate the windows at the front of the school in St Andrew’s Road.

The independent school is closed to most pupils but the few who are attending have been taking advantage of the time and space to do things a little differently.

Their artwork is already inspiring smiles and waves from passers-by on their daily exercise walks and bike rides.

Children working remotely are also taking part in the movement, called #rainbowsinwindows, and have been very creative in their approach, from drawings to mosaics and even painting their driveways.

With the new NHS Nightingale hospital in London opening to patients, the school is encouraging all its pupils to answer the call for children’s drawings to be sent to decorate the walls.

Deputy headteacher Kate Bodle said:  “I have been incredibly proud of how resilient our children have been during this time of extraordinary stress and uncertainty for everyone. 

“The children in school have been working hard, enjoying socially distanced physical education lessons and plenty of fresh air as well as having fun painting their rainbows.  As part of the Cognita education group, we have been very lucky to have been supported by our colleagues around the world as we face this global challenge together.”

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