Thursday, 07 July 2022

Hanging baskets on way (maybe)

Hanging baskets on way (maybe)

THE Henley summer hanging baskets scheme will go ahead, subject to the coronavirus restrictions.

Residents and businesses have until May 15 to order their baskets from the town council.

Windowflowers, which is based in Burnham, will supply and install the baskets at the end of May and beginning of June as usual as long as it is not prevented from doing so by the covid-19 lockdown.

If there is a significant delay in the installation, the company will offer money off future orders.

Managing director Miles Watson-Smyth said the plants were being grown as normal and added: “With the current guidance, I feel that we should be able to install the baskets.

“As far as I can see, our operation is far less dangerous than, for example, an Amazon delivery driver going from household to household and potentially spreading the virus.”

The baskets will be planted with a colourful mix of seasonal flowers to provide the maximum impact for the longest period, while providing nectar for bees and other pollinating insects.

Each basket costs £67.50, including VAT, which includes maintenance and watering.

Mr Watson-Smyth, who lives in Medmenham, said: “I think I’m doing the right thing by allowing our operation to continue on a watering-only basis. I can’t not water the baskets and the beds in Henley.

“On the other hand, I have to do what I can to ensure our staff stay at home and prevent the virus being spread. We could be looking atputting a beautiful crop of flowers straight on to the compost heap, which would break my heart because we have never had to do that before.”

Town clerk Sheridan Jacklin-Edward said: “During this difficult time, this is one small thing that can help bring more colour and happiness to Henley.

“We’re working closely with Windowflowers to ensure the hanging baskets are installed in line with government regulations and good working practices to protect not only their workers but also members of the public.

“Windowflowers undertake the whole operation themselves and we administer it. One of our officers will be doing that while working from home.”

To order a basket, email j.smith@henleytowncouncil. or fill in a form at

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