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Singer rejigs forces song as tribute to NHS heroes

Singer rejigs forces song as tribute to NHS heroes

A SINGER songwriter from Nettlebed is putting together a charity single to raise money for the NHS in memory of her father.

Rebecca Poole, who performs under the stage name Purdy, wants to pay tribute to healthcare professionals who are working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Eight years ago she wrote a remembrance song based on Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again, which she performed to 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium.

The song, which is called This is the Song, was recorded with the Royal Air Force to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Now she has adapted the lyrics to reflect the coronavirus crisis and is looking to recruit volunteers to feature in the music video.

Miss Poole said: “I wrote the song to pay tribute to our heroes on the frontline. It was the most poignant project I have ever been a part of and it was incredibly moving.

“I was reminiscing about the song and it sounded so relevant to what is going on now and I felt like the lyrics really resonated with the current situation. It felt like history repeating itself.

“It feels like I can say how I am feeling all over again. I am collecting videos from various artists — you don’t have to be a great singer. It is going to be a lovely visual and I have a few well-known faces who have agreed to take part.

“I have only changed the first few lines and the rest are as they would be in the original song.”

Her father Micahel was diagnosed with cancer and died just over a year ago after being cared for by Sue Ryder and Miss Poole says this experience enhanced her appreciation for health workers.

She said: “I know from the experience with my dad how important they are. They were amazing and for many years now I have thought we were not caring for our carers enough.

“They haven’t had the support and vocal appreciation they deserve. Music is the best way I have to express how I am feeling. It is sad that this is the way it has had to be highlighted but we are finally appreciating our key workers. They are the real heroes. I have made a few adjustments to the lyrics to suit the message to the NHS but it is mostly the same.

“It is an anthem to them and it is a tribute to say ‘thank you’ for risking their lives on the frontline. I live in the middle of nowhere and have no neighbours, but every week I have been whooping and hollering out of my window when they have the applause for the NHS.

“We are still in the development stage but I am confident the song will be a success — I won’t stop until it is done. Once the single is made, we are asking people to donate and all the proceeds will go to the NHS Charities Togther appeal.

“I have got a target of £1,000 so far, but we are hoping to get much more than that.”

Miss Poole has had all her scheduled performances cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis but says she finds comfort in music.

“You do take inspiration from struggles as an artist,” she said. “If you have lots of time on your own, you can lose yourself in the music.

“I count myself very lucky to live in an area like this. I have been doing excersing, yoga, going for my daily walk and I am trying to learn a bit of French as well.”

Her website,, has a link to an online fundraising page as well as information about how to submit your video. Snippets from each of the chosen entries will then be merged to make the video. Performers must wear something blue to show support for the NHS and record their video using a smartphone or camera in landscape.

The song goes as follows:

Every day I feel my heart beat out a warning
Knowing that you have to go and I must stay
When I think of our goodbyes
I can’t wait to close my eyes
Cause in my dreams I see you
coming home
You’re not alone

Oh my darling all the nights are long without you
When it’s only hope that keeps you safe from harm
And I won’t let them forget those forever in your debt
About the sacrifices that were made to keep us safe

So this is the song to remind us
How close that we came to danger
and every time that we weaken
we’ll play it and sway
this is the song to remind us
how close that we came to danger
and every time that we play it
our hearts will be brave

And when you’re out there
And you feel afraid or alone
Know that I am here for you my dear
Keep holding on
We must be strong

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