Tuesday, 09 March 2021

Telecoms company staff plant 600 trees and shrubs

Telecoms company staff plant 600 trees and shrubs

SIX hundred trees and shrubs have been planted around 40 Acre Field and the Chalk Bank in Henley.

Ribbon, a telecommunications company from Maidenhead, funded the project as a part of its annual service day.

About 30 employees helped with the planting, which was led by Patrick Fleming, tree co-ordinator for Greener Henley.

Six areas around the field, which is near The Henley College, were planted with a mixture of trees and shrubs followed by the Chalk Bank in Valley Road.

The trees are a variety of field maple, silver birch, oak and whitebeam. The shrubs included hawthorn, blackwood, dogwood, spindle and dog rose.

Brian Green, sustainability leader for Ribbon, said: “I live locally so I emailed the town council to see how many trees had fallen in the area from the storms last winter. It was about 80 trees and none of them had been replaced. We then got in touch with Patrick to help and he has been brilliant.

“Lots of people have been using this field during lockdown so it was the best side of Henley to be planting something that all the residents can enjoy.

“We would like to do thousands more, maybe four or five times as many, in the future as we want to create a long-term legacy.”

The planting was a covid-safe event as the staff worked in groups of six, maintained social distancing and wore masks and gloves. Ribbon also donated all the equipment it bought for the planting to Greener Henley, an environmental campaign group.

Mr Fleming said: “We want to reduce 10 per cent of our carbon by planting more trees.

“The target is to plant 1,000 trees per year and we could get that done this year. We want to improve the environmental and provide nice recreational spaces for people to enjoy.”

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