Sunday, 16 May 2021

Appeal to help feed intensive care staff hits £10,000

Appeal to help feed intensive care staff hits £10,000

AN appeal to help feed staff working in the intensive care unit at the Royal Berkshire Hospital has raised more than £10,000. 

Francesca Stanton, from Kingwood, launched ‘Take-Away’ A Little Stress last month with a JustGiving page.

As donations started to mount up, she began ordering food from Domino’s Pizza for delivery to the hospital in London Road, Reading.

Mrs Stanton chose pizzas as the focus of the appeal because Ian Rechner, head of the unit, told her that they “went down well” during the first coronavirus lockdown last year. She has since added take-away options from the Crooked Billet in Stoke Row. 

Mrs Stanton said: “I’m delighted as it has just been a really lovely campaign to work on.

“People have been so pleased to do something that will help the NHS in a small way and the people we are trying to help are so immensely grateful that others are thinking of them.”

Martin Bedborough, who works in the unit, said: “The regular pizza delivery is a ray of sunshine in what have proved challenging times for everyone involved in ICU. There is a real sense of anticipation when they are due and they are making an incredible difference to the spirit of all the nursing and medical staff.”

Emily Parker, lead nurse in the respiratory department, said: “Apart from a small break over the summer, we have been caring for covid patients for almost a year now.

“We actually had enough pizzas to be able to give some to the hospital’s palliative care team, who continue to be a huge support to the inpatient respiratory wards, working alongside us to help with some really challenging 
situations in terms of end-of-life care for our patients.”

Mrs Stanton hopes to keep donations coming in until Easter. She said: “We’re spending just over £1,000 a week and the additional donations will help us to get to Easter and then I feel the job will be done — it would be a lovely way to finish.

“It was a really big milestone to reach £10,000 and shows how much the campaign has resonated with the public.” 

To donate, visit www.justgiving.

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