Thursday, 13 May 2021

Family help food bank after donations ‘theft’

Family help food bank after donations ‘theft’

A FAMILY will hold a cake sale on Sunday in aid of a food bank after the disappearance of donations.

The basketful of food, which was due to go to Wallingford food bank, is believed to have been stolen from St Peter and St Paul's Church in Checkendon during the night of February 13 .

Normally, it would have been inside the church but was moved to the lych gate to make it more accessible to residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rev Kevin Davies, rector of Checkendon, said: “We don’t know for certain that it was stolen, it just disappeared.

“This has never happened before but it was previously in the church. Because the church has been closed during the pandemic, we moved the drop-off point to the lych gate. We didn’t want to stop collecting just because we had to shut the church.

“Whoever has taken the food obviously has a need for it but we wish they hadn’t taken the basket as well. We have now moved the food bank location. If people contact me, I will tell them what to do with their donations.

“We’re sad but if someone had need of it we could understand. I know it was full because people had started leaving donations outside the basket.”

Zoe Young, who lives in Whitehall Lane, discovered the basket had vanished through the village WhatsApp group and her daughter Persie Mellor decided she wanted to help.

Persie, eight, and her brother Fred, 11, will spend Saturday baking shortbread, cookies, banana bread, brownies, cupcakes and flapjacks, along with their step-siblings Charlie, 12, and Florence Young, eight.

These will then be sold outside their home from 11am to 2pm on Sunday, or until all the items have gone.

Mrs Young, 44, said: “Persie goes to Checkendon school and I know Rev Davies quite well as we are both governors. We don’t go to church every Sunday but we do put items in the food basket.

“I hope it wasn’t stolen. I hope it was just taken by somebody in need.

“My daughter has always been passionate about people not being able to eat because of coronavirus and she mentioned she wanted to do a cake sale for the food bank.

“Then this happened and she definitely wanted to do it. All the kids are up for it.

“In terms of the sale itself, it will all be done with social distancing and we are going to put all the cakes out in cellophane bags with ribbons.

“We are planning on making about 140 items to sell and we are going to put a basket out, so if people buy cakes and want to donate them back to the food bank they can.”

Mrs Young, a self-employed acupuncturist, is married to Robert, 43, an IT consultant. They have lived at the old village post office for three years.

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