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Cat recovers after 24-hour tree trap ordeal

Cat recovers after 24-hour tree trap ordeal

THE owner of a cat that was rescued by three men after being stuck 50ft up a tree in Henley for 24 hours has said thank-you.

Livinia Cowell-Sherriff, who lives off Friday Street, was surprised to find two-year-old Bertie Boo featured in a Henley Standard article last week.

He had been spotted at the top of the tree in Station Road by Martin Jones, of Perpetual House, who called for help from tree surgeon Ronnie Chalk and his son, also Ronnie, after the RSCPA and the fire service refused to help. It took the men an hour to rescue the tabby and white cat from the robinia tree.

Miss Cowell-Sherriff, a fitness coach at Leander Club, said Bertie Boo had been missing for three days before he returned home “miraculously”.

She said: “He doesn’t tend to go far from home; he’s a bit of a homebody. He thinks he’s brave but he’s not. He has been away from home for a whole day before but it had been three days, which is unusual for him as he likes to come back for his food.

“I’d gone to Thorpe Park with my 13-year-old son for the day and my neighbour had come round to feed him and said, ‘He’s back,’ and I thought nothing of it.

“Then I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the post from the Henley Standard and I was like, ‘That’s my cat!’ He’s quite small and the markings were the same and I was like, ‘Right, that’s why he was missing for a few days’. I sent the article to my friends and said, ‘This is my cat on the internet, he’s famous!”

Miss Cowell-Sheriff, who has two other cats, Mabel, three, and Simba, one, said she had no idea that Bertie Boo had been stuck up the tree.

“He thinks he’s brave,” she said. “He went out of the bedroom window once and decided he wasn’t so sure. My son had to coax him back in with treats.”

Mr Chalk Snr, who has been a tree surgeon since 2007, rescued the cat by climbing a ladder and equipping himself with a rope, safety harness and rope bag to put the animal in while his son stood on the bottom rung of the ladder to keep it steady.

He said the cat “took it well” and was happy to be rescued before running off and, he presumed, went home.

Miss Cowell-Sheriff, who also has a 12-year-old black Labrador called Banjo and a five-year-old beagle cross called Bella, said Bertie Boo was “perfectly fine and happy” when he returned home.

She said: “He had some food and then went to sleep. He has been out every day since and comes back for his lunch.

“Some people keep their cats in but I just can’t do that, they are domesticated animals but they still like to be wild — Mabel can go out for a week and then come back.”

Miss Cowell-Sheriff said she was grateful to the three men.

“Thank you very much for rescuing my cat as I wouldn’t have been able to get him down from a 50ft tree,” she said. “Some people may have waited for him to come down on his own, which he just wouldn’t have done.”

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