Sunday, 26 September 2021

Today’s energy efficient electric heating is now an economical alternative to gas

Today’s energy efficient electric heating is now an economical alternative to gas

ELECTRIC heating today has evolved to include smart, stylish and effective systems that are an economical alternative to gas.

They should be given due consideration when replacing or installing a new energy efficient heating system into your property, as they are gradually replacing antiquated gas systems and storage heaters.

GD Evans Interiors are official installers of Rointe Heating’s intelligent digital, high-quality, low consumption energy efficient electric radiators that offer an alternative to gas systems and electric panels and storage heaters.

Rointe D Series WiFi electric radiators are a digital connected heating solution with smartphone control, perfect for any home or property, that combines style, efficiency and comfort and that can also be controlled via Alexa. There are other radiators in their product range as well as water heaters and non-WiFi options, with their Kyros radiators that can be simply programmed individually via their TFT displays on each radiator or via remote controls.

An estimated example of a technical heating study by Rointe for a 62 sq m dwelling or commercial premises, located within UK cold area comparing four different heating systems including Rointe’s digital system providing 12 hours day-night heating maintaining the ambient selected of 21C showed annual savings against panels heaters of 68.5 per cent, storage heater and convector heater of 52.5 per cent and boiler wet system at 29.2 per cent.

Some simple facts are that gas boiler wet systems often lose heat through pipes, require maintenance and servicing, storage heaters are bulky and not that controllable as heat is stored in them which is released through the day and often do not circulate the heat around the room effectively.

Rointe’s radiators are each fully controllable, can be turned on and off and controlled 24/7 with the Rointe smart app anywhere, which also gives you a breakdown of running costs.

With the Government’s directive to be carbon neutral, it may not be long before you have to consider the change to all electric, which GD Evans Interiors can assist with specifying a heating system to suit your needs. For more information, call (01491) 244244 or 0118 9474744, email info@ or visit www.gdevansinteriors. For more on Rointe, visit

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