Sunday, 19 September 2021

Data backs up firm's self-belief

Data backs up firm's self-belief

“WHILE we always felt we really were one of the best estate agents in the area, it can be all too difficult to prove such a feeling — more so seeking to realise the feeling of pride in what we do — but now we actually have the figures to show it is so,” says Warmingham managing director Paul O’Loughlin.

The Goring high street family-owned business has been doing things their way for the past 33 years and yet, notes Paul, “last year we outperformed 156 other agencies from sales and 141 from lettings”.

With marketing headed up by Paul, he’s decided it’s time to put Warmingham & Co on the wider map, by publishing Rightmove data that proves his point.

Obviously they’re doing something very right — so why historically so quiet about their clear and consistent success?

“That’s not really our way,” says Paul. “We don’t like to toot our own horns, rather than that of our clients’ properties — and I’m in charge of marketing, too, so I should know!”

Every agency runs itself differently, but Paul learned the “Warmingham way”.

He has been working there since he was 16, having started out part-time taking photos of the agency’s properties.

But Warmingham & Co feels it already has plenty of visibility through its great many For Sale/Let boards, extensive newspaper coverage, website coverage, and of course its talented networked staff base.

“Backed up by the fact that we are open the longest of all agencies — Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 6.30pm, and Sundays from 10am to 4pm — this makes all the difference,” adds Paul, who tops up the weekend team by working every other Saturday himself along with other full-time staff.

He cites the fact that even if a buyer doesn’t like the house they’re viewing, the member of staff showing it will be able to tell them all about other properties that Warmingham & Co are representing.

Ensuring cross-selling within their marketplace is paramount to what they do, to afford all clients the widest possible route to realising their own property aspirations. The other thing Paul finds is that it’s imperative a seller doesn’t host viewings themselves unless specifically requested by the buyer — perhaps for a second viewing.

“Buyers are always uncomfortable asking questions, and don’t want to ask the awkward questions such as the condition of the roof or heating,” says Paul.

“It’s another reason you need excellent staff that we have who can show property either throughout the working week, or at the weekend — when most buyers want to view them.

“We are known throughout our area for providing the very best marketing within our marketplace, but also for being honest, straightforward and affording excellent advice which you can rely on.”

Here’s to another 33 years of Warmingham & Co doing things their way.

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