Monday, 20 September 2021

Whatever you need, we've got it covered!

Whatever you need, we've got it covered!

CHRISTMAS is coming, and whether you are running a bit late with “Stir up Sunday” or getting going with the lights and decorations or looking for that quirky gift for the awkward person to buy for, Goring Hardware have it covered.

We can cater for your pets too — have your dogs tried our Bottom Sniffer beer? Or we have Pawsecco for the feline in your life...

We have a huge selection of outdoor and indoor festive lighting.

We can cover most of your lighting needs from a small copper wire set of 20 twinkling bulbs to fill that vase to a set of 750 led bulbs on 25m of cable for the tree outside.

Of course, we also have gutter hooks and removable sticky hooks, tree stands and all other seasonal necessities.

The Real Deals promotion offers a wonderful range of all kinds of tools at unmissable prices.

Gifts or maybe just a chance to top up the tool box with a great bargain — a present to yourself?

Then of course there is the rest of the shop with too many useful and lovely things to name here.

Pop in, share some festive cheer and get those boxes ticked off on your to-do list.

For any enquiries, give us a bell on (01491) 872420.

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