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Who will feed Mr and Mrs Miggins’s cat? It’s all part of the service

Who will feed Mr and Mrs Miggins’s cat? It’s all part of the service

MR and Mrs Miggins have been married for 60 years, they live at home with their beloved cat — they are each other’s world.

Mr Miggins has dementia and his wife is his carer — not a role that she would label herself with and because it has been a gradual process with her doing more and more for her husband.

One Wednesday morning Mrs Miggins fell and fractured her hip. This led to surgery, hospitalisation and lengthy rehabilitation.

Who would look after her husband and who would remember to feed Mrs Miggins’ cat?

Thankfully a kindly neighbour stepped in and realised that Mr Miggins needed help.

She had walked past the Care Hub in Goring many times and decided to pop in to ask for some advice, which she passed on to the Miggins’s daughter.

After a phone call, we go to meet Mr Miggins, and in a warm, informal way we assess his needs and work out a plan to pick up where his wife has had to suddenly leave off. We make him a cup of tea and arrange for the cat to be cared for too!

We plan for Mrs Miggins’s return to their home — life will be different as she’ll need more support but won’t want to feel completely reliant on us.

If you can relate to Mr and Mrs Miggins or even the cat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our service was rated “Good” by the Care Quality Commission in August 2018.

For more information, call us on 0118 9323 865, email or visit

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