Monday, 17 December 2018

Butchers are proud to serve you

Butchers are proud to serve you

TERRY Colby and Tom Orpwood are proud of what they are achieving at Wallingford Butchers.

Their commitment to top quality produce is evident when you view the wonderful range on display in their counters.

Grass-fed beef from Scotland they mature on the bone for enhanced flavour and tenderness. Local free-range pork and lamb, all skilfully prepared, and English veal is also often available too.

The game season is well under way and Wallingford Butchers offer a whole range of game birds and venison.

An amazingly well-stocked fresh fish counter is available, with deliveries arriving at least four days a week, all skilfully prepared to customers’ requirements.

Lovingly produced cheeses are also stocked, many from the wonderful range of British artisan cheeses available nowadays. French and Italian classics are also stocked and less regular cheeses can be ordered in.

With Christmas fast approaching, Wallingford Butchers are taking orders for locally produced free-range turkeys, geese, chickens and ducks and dry-aged ribs of beef. Specialities such as foie gras, confit and Iberico ham are in demand over the festive period.

Allied to their quality produce, you will also experience skilful, knowledgeable, helpful service and they would be happy to see you in store.

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