Friday, 16 November 2018

Leaning memorial

KIDMORE End Parish Council is appealing for information about the village’s war memorial.

It wants to apply for a grant from the War Memorials Trust to help pay for repairs to the monument in the grounds of St John the Baptist Church.

The memorial has started to lean and has been taped off until a survey has been done.

Before applying for funds, the council needs to know who the owner or custodian of the memorial is and who helped pay for it.

The memorial was dedicated on May 1, 1921.

The church has no legal duty to maintain it, even though it is on consecrated land, as it is not the owner.

The parish will still seek permission from the Diocese of Oxford to carry out the work.

Caroline Aldridge, deputy chairwoman of the council, said: “It’s very unusual to have a war memorial within a churchyard as they are normally at the roadside or on a bit of gifted land.

“The church is taking the issue very, very seriously and it is going to get a surveyor to look at it.”

Any volunteers willing to search archives and parish records should call 0118 972 3700 or email caroline

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