Monday, 26 July 2021

New play area signs

SAFETY signs at the Kidmore End play areas have been replaced after being pulled down by children.

The two facilities in Butlers Orchard in the village and the recreation ground in Gallowstree Common were
re-opened after covid-19 assessments were carried out and laminated paper signs were stapled to the play equipment stating that users must follow strict social distancing rules.

However, children were removing the signs, so they have been replaced with metal ones.

Caroline Aldridge, who chairs the parish council, said: “Kids will be kids. Everyone is suffering with all the restrictions and a few signs going missing is just something that happens.

“Children have been locked up, unable to see their friends, and have had rules and more rules thrust at them. If they let off a bit of steam by removing signs, then I think that we can live with that.

“The original signs were A4 paper ones, laminated and stapled to the equipment, as per government instructions to ensure that the play areas are covid-19 safe.

“The metal signs are on the gates where everyone can read them.”

The climbing frame at the Gallowstree Common play area will be repaired in the next few weeks.

The recreation ground is open and the pavilion will be opened to private hirers once coronavirus safety measures are in place.

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