Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Drain was covered in coffee grounds

Drain was covered in coffee grounds

Sir, — Please can somebody explain why someone felt the need to empty coffee grounds in the street (Market Place)?

Not only does this look bad for Henley but surely it’s just pure laziness. — Yours faithfully,

Harriet Eggleton


Sir, — I went into Starbucks on Saturday and was told (by a very young member of staff as the manager wasn’t there): “It’s the street drain that is blocked so it’s nothing to do with Starbucks.” I am reporting this to Environmental Health. — Yours faithfully,

Steve Ludlow

Station Road, Henley

Starbucks responds: “Our coffee grounds are collected by our waste management provider directly from our stores on a weekly basis to be recycled into renewable energy.

“Our coffee waste is not placed in external bins at any point.

“Our local customers are also welcome to take our coffee grounds away and use them on their gardens.”

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