Monday, 14 June 2021

Thank you to Des, our kind postman

Thank you to Des, our kind postman

Sir, — This is a bittersweet story. The bitter part is that our aged, much-loved cat, Spike, died on Saturday, February 18.

The sweet part is the kindness of our postman, Des, who found Spike dying in our garden when we were not home.

Des had no car but, too kind to abandon her suffering and afraid, he called his boss who then came round with a van.

He scooped up our poor cat, cuddled her in his arms and then he and his boss took her to the vets.

Sadly, Spike didn’t make it but it is of immeasurable comfort to me to know that her last moments were of kindness and not terror.

Des dropped a note through our door, telling us what had happened, spoke to the vets later on that day to check up on her and also took the time to come round to see us on the Sunday morning to give us the details of what had happened.

Spike was 17 years old. She had kidney failure and arthritis. I dreaded the day when we might have to take her to the vets for a gentle death or the ghastly morning when I found her struggling in her final throes. Des saved me from these.

What an incredibly kind man. Thank you, Des. — Yours faithfully,

Lisa McDonald

St Andrew’s Road, Henley

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