Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Come back and pick up your rubbish

Come back and pick up your rubbish

Sir, — Would the person who dumped all these fir tree shavings in New Road, Shiplake, together with some bricks and logs, please come and take them away?

Look carefully at the photograph and you will see a saw with a red handle. Did you mean to leave that behind as well? — Yours faithfully,

Name and address supplied

Sir, — Having just cleared an area of Ipsden Heath of litter, within half an hour a McDonald’s cup appeared, complete with top and strawer.

It now sits, rather sadly, atop a stick, awaiting the arrival of its owner and to be placed in their recycling bin.

Maybe it will put up with the Kenco coffee cup further along the heath, along with a Red Bull tin and mineral water bottle.

An upmarket wine bottle lurks in the undergrowth along with a very old bottle, possibly for beer. Although its label has long since gone, it boasts “no deposit, no return” engraved on its glass neck. Guess it’s time to don gloves and, armed with a carrier bag, try again to keep the area clean. Some hope! – Yours faithfully,

Diana Jackson


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