Monday, 08 August 2022

Town with personalised drain covers

Town with personalised drain covers

Sir, — On the Henley Hit Litter day two Saturdays ago, Councillor Dave Eggleton and others were cleaning the rubbish from a drain in Church Street.

When the wet foliage had been removed I was astonished to see the name “Henley” forged proudly into the surround. Does Henley really have its own personalised drain covers?

As a guide to the town, Dave could answer this.

In Friday Street, next to Queen Anne Cottage, once stood a tannery. In about 1850 this became Rogers Foundry, which made many of the drains for the town.

Sadly, the brickwork below the cover has now crumbled and, as the road is rarely swept, water does not drain away. The length of Church Street will soon be another “failed” road but at the moment the drain is clear. Well done, Dave & co! — Yours faithfully,

David Feary

Walton Avenue, Henley

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