Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Teach children about fruit and veg

Teach children about fruit and veg

Sir, — Please could the newly-elected representatives in Henley state in simple terms exactly what they commit to achieve during their term of office?

I will not be your only reader who is more interested in what the new councillors will commit to achieve instead of their political beliefs.

Local opinion polls tell us that health, education, jobs, the environment and challenging new building requests are the more important concerns for the majority of your readers: these are what really matter to voters.

1 How will Henley’s newly-elected representatives achieve an improved, integrated local health service for all the voters in Henley and the surrounding communities that depend on Henley’s services?

2 How, exactly, will they improve the educational facilities, especially how can they provide support for local schools that have been criticised?

3 Can they help to create sustainable new jobs in the Henley area?

4 Can the newly-elected representatives achieve any tangible improvement in the environment, especially by reducing pollution?

May I make a suggestion: that the elected representatives of Henley commit to enable every child in the Henley area to be able to grow some flowers and vegetables in the real world to ensure they are not permanently lost to a virtual world in which they live on their PCs and mobile phones.

As evidence that I practise what I preach, I’m asking Binfield Heath Parish Council to support a similar scheme for young people in our tiny local community.

Although I failed to be selected for the council last week, I shall do this anyway. The important thing is for each community to assist those who add a benefit to their community to do so, regardless of politics. — Yours faithfully,

Peter Woolsey

Binfield Heath

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