Thursday, 24 June 2021

Who would fly-tip outside a church?

Who would fly-tip outside a church?

Sir, — Last week I visited All Saints’ Church, Dunsden, to tend my parents’ grave.

I had hoped to park in the small layby outside the main gate but someone had beaten me to it — two very large, black, leather chairs had been dumped in an area that is plainly intended for churchgoers.

There is currently an epidemic of
fly-tipping in the area — virtually every local bridle- or pathway has been blocked at some point but the sheer disrespectful callousness of this action verges on the unbelievable.

The chairs have now been pushed further against the wall so that it is possible to park (the main car park at the church is only opened when a service is being held) but someone, somewhere must know where these items came from.

The current maximum fine for fly-tipping is £50,000 (yes, really), which is levied on the owner of the item, not the “white van man” who may have knocked on the owner’s door and offered to take the item away.

It is pointless blaming the local council for charging to remove such items — dumping waste by the roadside costs us all money — the only way to stop this scourge is the active use of common sense.

And finally, does anyone recognise the furniture? — Yours faithfully,

Bill Weaver

Ash Copse, Dunsden

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