Friday, 12 August 2022

I'm not scary, just a bit, ahem, older

I'm not scary, just a bit, ahem, older

Sir, — I was relaxing on top of my favourite local newspaper when, to my horror, I realised that I was staring at a very unflattering photo of myself on the letters page with an accompanying headline “Cat doesn’t like being photographed”.

I don’t recall this photo being taken and I certainly didn’t give my permission for publication under Terry Allsop’s theme of “strange images”.

To add insult to injury, he described me as a rather scary cat. I can assure your readers that I am nothing of the sort. I may not be as pretty as I was but the years have taken their toll on all of us — even Mr Allsop, I dare say.

I hope the editor will publish this alternative picture of me with my human — your readers will see that I’m not scary at all! — Yours faithfully,

Sylvie the cat (with Sue Wiblin)

Elizabeth Road, Henley

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