Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Great to see businesses taking pride

Great to see businesses taking pride

Sir, — For some time we have complained about the shopkeepers in Henley not taking care of the pavements outside their shops.

In fact, my husband and I will not use shops and restaurants that have unkempt frontages.

Imagine our joy when on Tuesday afternoon last week we saw the staff from the Asiana Spice restaurant in Reading Road cleaning their frontage, which has been freshly painted.

For those of us who have lived in Henley since the Sixties, when much more pride was taken of commercial premises, we are really thrilled to see that some shops are being spruced up and new ones are coming back to Henley.

No matter where we travel in the world, someone will tell us when they ask where we come from that they love Henley, our home town.

We love Henley, so are delighted to see it returning to its former glory.

Sent with love, the greatest energy. — Yours faithfully,

Val Stoner

Wyndale Close, Henley

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