Monday, 15 August 2022

Unacceptable to leave your rubbish

Unacceptable to leave your rubbish

Sir, — The climb from the Fair Mile in Henley to the top of the Oxfordshire Way is quite steep.

It is ironic that party-goers are able to carry full bottles of alcohol up the hill but are unable to take the empty ones home with them.

I collected three black sacks of empty bottles and cans on Saturday morning while walking my dog.

Thank you to the lady with two chocolate Labradors who helped me.

It’s not good enough. — Yours faithfully,



Sir, — While walking the dog on Drawback Hill in Harpsden we encountered a very pleasant group of teenagers celebrating the end of their exams in the time-honoured way but quietly and not disturbing anyone.

We passed the time of day and congratulated them. It was therefore very disappointing to receive a message from fellow dog walkers the following day that they had left all their litter behind, including tiny torn up bits of exam paper!

We find this very surprising as the young today are so much more aware of their environment and the danger of sharp cans to animal life etc.

This could not be left as the Harpsden fete was the following day and Drawback Hill is a beautiful stroll down to the field which many folk from Henley use.

It’s not difficult when setting out for a party to pop a black bag in with the goodies! — Yours faithfully,

Jane Burtt


Sir, — Here’s another atrocious mess left in Marsh Meadows, Henley.

It was horrible. People were just leaving rubbish all over. — Yours faithfully,

James Connelly

Bell Street, Henley

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