Thursday, 18 August 2022

Can you solve the mystery of Millie?

Can you solve the mystery of Millie?

Sir, — My great great grandfather was over in Henley during the First World War and met a girl called Amelia (Millie) Nagington back in 1917.

I have a photograph of her in what appears to be a university gown holding music sheets and I have found out she was a music teacher and died a Miss in 1939.

The photo was taken by W H Nagington, of Henley, and I am looking for any living relatives so I can pass this photo on.

W H Nagington only had sons. They must have been good friends for her to have given him this photo.

I hope you can help me solve the mystery of Millie. — Yours faithfully,

Debbie Caesar

Brisbane, Australia

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