Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Why are some people are so thoughtless (parts 1 and 2)?

Why are some people are so thoughtless (parts 1 and 2)?

Sir, — I took this picture when I went to see the river at Marsh Lock in Henley on Thursday evening last week.

It’s such a beautiful spot on the river but it was marred by litter.

Where is the bin that was always there and why can’t we have at least two bins out there, enclosed within a wooden fence to blend with the bridge next to it?

People are going to picnic beyond the bridge and not everyone can be bothered to take their rubbish home with them.

Henley’s riverside is glorious. Can provision for litter to be collected at Marsh Lock be put into effect? People pay mega-money to live here and I don’t think that should be on their doorstep. — Yours faithfully,

Susan Young

Sir, — There is nothing thing wrong with the ritual burning of school books in Harpsden woods, except in such dry weather we could have had a spectacular fire.

At least whoever did this had the nous to damp down the fire before they left but this is not a good practice to encourage! — Yours faithfully,

Anne Evans


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