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Look what fencing Hamble Brook does to beautiful view

Look what fencing Hamble Brook does to beautiful view

Sir, — I was upset that you did not publish more pictures with your report (Standard, July 27) of how Hamble Brook looked a year after it had been fenced, without livestock grazing on the banks.

I have lived by the brook for 60 years and on the occasions when it flows it is as clear as glass.

Kingfishers and ducks have always enjoyed it and I have picked and eaten watercress from it.

There will be now be an overgrown gully the entire length of the valley fenced in by barbed wire and netting. The photographs show the brook before fencing and a year later when it had become overgrown. — Yours faithfully,

Marion Bowden

Director, Henley & District Agricultural Association, Hambleden

Sir, — As relatively new residents of Hambleden, we totally support Dr Michael Elliott’s complaint about fencing off the brook.

We can only say what a ridiculous waste of time and money it is to partially fence off the stream, which currently runs through the fields from Skirmett to Mill End, with barbed wire and sheep fencing.

The iconic view across the valley, so close to the village of Hambleden, is ruined — and for what reason?

The stream, sadly, flows only very occasionally and, when it does run, is a beautiful additional attraction to the area for all to enjoy.

The National Trust covenants on the land should surely provide some protection from these idiotic, bureaucratic schemes and one must wonder if the trust has been consulted or is even aware of what is going on.

Government agencies and departments must have better things to do with their money in these times of austerity.

Why do they threaten landowners and farmers to take this type of unnecessary action on their behalf or is there a hidden agenda we are all unaware of? — Yours faithfully,

Rob Cottrell


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